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The Importance of Empathy In Business

In a recent survey of 150 CEOs, over 80 percent recognized empathy as key to success. Empathic workplaces tend to enjoy stronger collaboration, less stress and greater morale, and their employees bounce back more quickly from difficult experiences such as layoffs. As Cheril Clarke, founder of and an expert in business communication, writes in a recent blog post “A shift to offering […]

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Utilizing A Performance Improvement Consultant To Become More Efficient and Profitable

Every business has areas where its processes can be improved. Whether through complacency or a lack of knowledge, some companies are less prepared to deal with change than others. A company like POWERS can show businesses of all types what performance improvement consulting can do to make themselves more efficient and profitable. Two of the […]

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Our leaders are the most critical assets of our community. A society cannot function efficiently without having leaders or someone to manage the whole system of the area. Tons of tasks like cleaning, municipal duties, trash disposal, recycling, or even water supply, require someone to manage it precisely. A leader needs to be there for […]

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Image source Money can make your head spin, literally. In the hustle and bustle of life, managing your money is no less than a task. Planning for your future is a must-do task that every individual should think. Pretty much any financial activity or decision that you take will affect the overall financial health. That […]


Fast Personal Loans: 5 Best Lenders for Quick Cash

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. All of a sudden, your car breaks down, your dog needs emergency surgery, your lights blow up, and now we have COVID-19 which caught the whole world by surprise. Needless to say, these situations can be very stressful, especially if you do not have a rainy day fund. […]

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A big appreciation to Leonardo DiCaprio for his fantastic performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” as his incredible acting as a stockbroker made the profession more alluring and appealing. But, factually, every picture has two possible sides, so choosing this profession seems a bit challenging in practical life.  In reality, the successful stockbroker is […]


How to Prep for Retirement After College

When you’re about to graduate from college, retirement is likely to be one of the last things on your mind. You might be busy trying to figure out what your next steps are – whether that’s finding a new job, moving to a new city or pursuing another degree. You might think that retirement is […]

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Safe methods to grow your money

Everybody desires to grow their money. However, the quest to quickly grow money has been the reason why a lot of people have lost all of their money. As opposed to opting to slower, albeit, more reliable ways of growing their money, they opted for faster ways of growing their money. Some of these faster […]


Smart ways to save more

Saving money requires the individual to be very disciplined. This is because it is normal to have a lot of expenses that exceed the amount we are expecting. This is if we have not already taken loans that we have spent that we have to pay back. If you really want to save money, this […]


Six Tips That Will Help Small Businesses When Borrowing Money Online

When you’re a small business, you have to get help wherever you can. Getting capital from a bank isn’t easy, especially if your company is under two years old or if your loan is ironically too small. The good news is that traditional bank loans aren’t the only option anymore. Online lending is relatively new […]