The MAGFAST Family of Chargers Arrives

When Shakespeare said, “What a tangled web we weave,” he may have been predicting the arrival of all the charging cords on the market. Tablets and smartphones aren’t of much use without a decent supply of power, and while hardwired cables ensure that these devices’ batteries remain fully charged, the cables can create significant tangles.

Besides looking awful, multiple tangled cables create extra work for the person who must untangle them. Thankfully, another solution exists, and it can save time and cut out aggravation.

Entrepreneur Seymour Segnit came along and developed the MAGFAST charger family, which consists of six different chargers that operate wirelessly for any devices that support wireless charging. With no wires, there are no hassles. However, the MAGFAST chargers do come with an optional cable if your device is not compatible with wireless charging.

The chargers are also compatible with a wide range of different devices. Seymour Segnit noticed that the more devices someone owns, the more charging cables they must purchase since the inputs aren’t always the same. With wireless charging, there are no cables, so there are no issues with compatibility.

Seymour Segnit first noticed all the troubles associated with multiple chargers when trying to buy multiple ones for his household. He decided to come up with a solution better than running around buying and storing a ton of chargers and cables. The wireless concept came to him, and he ran with it.

According to Segnit, MAGFAST proved profitable from the start. The crowdfunding campaign launched to raise money for the charger family was a hit. The first day brought in well over half-a-million dollars.

Segnit’s previous foray into crowdfunding with a USB charger started well, but it did not lead to long-term success. The company did fine at first, but the good fortune didn’t last, and the company eventually went out of business. However, the experience proved to be valuable, and Segnit and his wife went back to the drawing board. Together, they came up with the concept for the wireless magnetic charger, and things worked out a lot better.

The decision to release six chargers makes brilliant business sense. Each one comes with a specific purpose. The MAGFAST Time is intended for the Apple Watch while the MAGFAST ROAD is perfect for people on the go. Each charger is highly portable, so don’t worry about moving them around when traveling.

And all the MAGFAST chargers come with a valuable feature: they charge things quickly, and since they’re magnetic, they can connect to each other like children’s building blocks, making them much easier to organize.

The versatility of the MAGFAST family of chargers will allow today’s technology users to keep their devices fully charged in a variety of situations—and do away with tangled charging cables in the process.