Smile Direct Club Continues to Expand SmileShops Around the World

The newest SmileShops provide consumers with access to affordable clear aligner therapy in the U.S., Austria, Singapore, China, and New Zealand. In recent months, the world-leading aligner therapy provider Smile Direct Club has continued its international expansion, opening SmileShops in Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and even more locally in Texas. Smile Direct Club […]

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How Jack Plotkin, Formerly of Goldman Sachs, Sees Retail Investing

As the stock market continued its unlikely positive march through the summer and the COVID-19 pandemic, many have attributed that trend, and the circumstances of the pandemic, to an increase in retail trading. As opposed to institutional traders, retail investors are known to be less cautious, more impulsive, and speculative in nature. Jack Plotkin, a […]

News Takes E-Commerce a Step Higher with its Smart Customer Service Robot

Richard Qiangdong Liu officially founded in 2004 although his online retail business traced its roots to June 1998. He opened it as Jingdong, a storefront that dealt in the distribution of magneto-optical merchandise. The company’s fast expansion saw it open 12 more branches within its first five years of operation. In 2003, the company […]

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5 Inspiring Kevin Plank Quotes To Help You Run Your Business

When you think of sports apparel, there are basically two brands that immediately come to mind: Nike and Under Armour, the latter of which is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kevin Plank. A consummate athlete, Plank played for the Maryland Terrapins football team and was, in his own word, “the sweatiest guy on the football field.” […]


The MAGFAST Family of Chargers Arrives

When Shakespeare said, “What a tangled web we weave,” he may have been predicting the arrival of all the charging cords on the market. Tablets and smartphones aren’t of much use without a decent supply of power, and while hardwired cables ensure that these devices’ batteries remain fully charged, the cables can create significant tangles. […]


U.S. Money Reserve Reveals WWI Memorial Coin Set

Business executives typically do not spend all of their time thinking about marketing, promotions, operations, and profits. Granted, they must focus on these things if they want their enterprises to remain solvent. Many businesses, however, embrace the concept of corporate social responsibility these days. Sometimes, a business can engage in a commercial enterprise that also […]