U.S. Money Reserve Reviews Explain Why Having Liquidity in a Portfolio Matters

While diversification can be a key goal, liquidity is also a consideration for many portfolio holders, and some are turning to precious metals to achieve it.

As a portable asset that is bought and sold around the world, gold is considered relatively liquid, able to be quickly and easily turned into other forms of currency.

As U.S. Money Reserve reviews indicate, the company — one of the country’s largest distributors of government-issued gold, silver, platinum, and palladium — works with portfolio holders to build a customized precious metals portfolio to suit their retirement and diversification needs. 

Customers can return qualifying certified coins within 30 days of purchase through the company’s exclusive buyback commitment or potentially sell them back to the company at a later date.

 The flexibility precious metals assets can provide is mentioned in some of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews that have been shared via publications like Finance Digest. One portfolio holder named Bill, for instance, says, “What I like about owning physical gold is that I’m in control of my money…. If I need it right away, it’s there.”

Another reason many Americans favor physical gold and other precious metals is for their established long-term protective and growth benefits—aspects that can make physical precious metals ideal assets for inclusion in a retirement account.

If precious metals coins and bars possess the fineness level required by the IRS — at least 0.995 for gold and 0.999 for silver items — portfolio holders can usually add these to a self-directed IRA through their IRA custodian once the account has been established and funded, either with money from a checking or savings account or using  funds transferred or rolled over from another qualified retirement account.

You have the freedom to select which precious metals items you’d like to hold within your self-directed IRA, based on their value, your overall savings goals, and other factors. Using the funds in your IRA, your custodian can add to your gold, silver, or other assets at any time — and can also sell some of the items in your account to adjust the allocation of precious metals.

In addition to offering guidance when you set up a self-directed IRA, U.S. Money Reserve can help you obtain precious metals assets and arrange for them to be safely delivered to a secure depository.

Led by President Philip N. Diehl, who served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve has shipped more than $2.5 billion in precious metals and served more than 785,000 clients during its 22 years in business.

To learn more about incorporating precious metals in a self-directed IRA — including some of the ways it might help support your overall portfolio goals — you can call 1-888-356-7074 and speak to a U.S.-based Account Executive, who will also be able to share information about any offers that are currently available and assist you with your precious metals purchase. This expert will also be able to share valuable information about any offers that are currently available and assist you diligently with your precious metals purchase.

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