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10 Tops Tips for Managing Your Fitness Business Right Now

As we turn the corner and welcome back fitness devotees into the vibrant, high-energy world of gyms and health clubs, the task at hand for those at the helm of these fitness businesses is to ensure that they are providing the highest quality services to their valued clientele. For Edgard Corona, the seasoned CEO of SmartFit, these past few years have posed a tremendous challenge to the fitness industry, gyms and fitness studios in particular, like never before.

“Virtually all companies had to reinvent themselves, and unfortunately, many failed to survive the health crisis. However, today — about three years after the beginning of the “chaos” — and despite a market still impacted by the effects of the coronavirus on society — it is possible to see light at the end of the tunnel!” said Edgard Corona of the pandemic’s effect on the fitness market. 

Today, Corona and his son Diogo Corona, COO of Smart Fit, are working to change the way fitness is done in Latin America. They’re sharing their top tips to help fitness business owners get back on track following a few volatile years. 

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1. Be a strong leader. Your employees and gym members need to know that they can look to you to provide encouragement, make decisions, and help them stay the course. 

2. Stay on top of industry trends. Fitness changes constantly, and you’ll need to regularly update your offerings, classes, and training techniques to keep up with industry best practices. 

3. Listen to members. Referrals are key, and happy gym members tell their friends about what your gym offers. If a member has a problem, listen and work with them to make it right. 

4. Monitor competitors. If there’s a gym that’s stealing business in your area, take a look at what they’re doing and decide how you can show your customers that you offer something better. 

5. Stay passionate about your work. Be super-involved in your business, but know when to take a break to avoid burnout. 

6. Don’t neglect the business side of your gym. If you love the fitness side of owning a fitness business, it can be easy to neglect the numbers. Regularly sit down and go over your books to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. 

7. Communicate with your employees. The attitudes of your employees can make or break the gym membership experience for your members. Take your employee’s feedback seriously, and work with them to create a positive work environment. 

8. Don’t be afraid to adapt. Fitness changes constantly, and keeping your eye on what’s working and what’s not working is important in order to stay competitive in the industry. 

9. Set yourself apart. You have something to offer your clients that other gyms don’t have, and it’s important to zero in on this and make it clear that you’re different. Whether it’s your supportive environment, state-of-the-art technology, or a staff that gets above-average results, share your success with your target market.

10. Address problems head-on. If you have an unhappy client, staff member, or partner, talk to them directly to address the issue before it becomes a larger problem.

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