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Utilizing A Performance Improvement Consultant To Become More Efficient and Profitable

Every business has areas where its processes can be improved. Whether through complacency or a lack of knowledge, some companies are less prepared to deal with change than others. A company like POWERS can show businesses of all types what performance improvement consulting can do to make themselves more efficient and profitable.

Two of the areas in which performance improvement consulting is especially vital are manufacturing and distribution. This article will explore how consulting firms can improve these businesses and streamline their operations.


Every manufacturer has its own processes. These processes are set up to take raw materials and turn them into a finished product. Some manufacturing floors are inefficient, with waste happening in raw materials as well as human labor. Consultants can analyze production and make sure that everything is working together harmoniously and at as little of an overhead cost as possible.

One of the areas in which performance improvement consulting shines is in restructuring the factory floor. These systems may have developed over time and they may be largely unchanged since the founding of the company. Everyone who works on the floor is used to this arrangement and may resist change. Companies need to be forward-thinking and encourage their workers to embrace differences in the way they do business.

A consultant can enhance workflow and increase the amount of material being moved through the factory floor. Making sure that the equipment is up-to-date and has enhanced uptime is important. The arrangement of the machines themselves also needs to be addressed. If they are inconveniently placed, it can be awkward to move around the floor and perform crucial maintenance tasks.

Consultants can enhance a manufacturer’s capacity as well. Working more efficiently means that more products can be created and that there is a greater return on investment.

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Improvements happen not only on the factory floor, but also in the office. Consultants work directly with executives and office staff, making sure that they can work together to further the purpose of the company. Human resources expertise, as well as the ability to understand the function of each department, are ways that consulting can help a manufacturer become more effective.


Distributors have their own specific concerns. Some of the pitfalls of doing business as a distributor include being unable to efficiently move products in and out of the company and shipping issues that make these products late or damaged. Manufacturers and retail stores rely on the smooth operation of their suppliers.

Storage problems can also be addressed. Storage areas need to be fully organized so that employees can easily pick what needs to be shipped out. Systems need to be put into place that will enable employees to work efficiently around each other and avoid bottlenecks.

The performance of necessary equipment like forklifts needs to be addressed as well. If there is too much time spent on maintenance, there will be less capacity in the warehouse.

Companies also need to make sure that their supply chain is moving freely. Supply chain issues can cause serious problems for both manufacturers and distributors.

This problem has been exacerbated by the current economic conditions where many manufacturers have been shut down for an extended period of time. Regardless of the supply chain, orders will keep coming in, and it is the distributor’s responsibility to make sure that products are delivered on time.

Company Culture Improvements

Enhancing company culture is one of the great strengths of consultants like POWERS. Company culture is sometimes considered a buzzword, but it is a deeply meaningful concept. When people are working at cross purposes, every employee can sense it. This means that even the entry-level workers can become jaded and cynical about their employers.

There needs to be a culture of support, rather than a punitive system where mistakes are censured. Enhanced company culture will allow every worker to know how their contributions affect the business as a whole.

Consulting Improves Outcomes

When businesses feel that they are not living up to expectations, it is a good idea to look into performance improvement consulting. Consultants like POWERS are able to put their insights to work and help with processes, supply chain issues, and company culture.Manufacturing and distribution have been under a great deal of stress, but eventually, these problems will be resolved and businesses can return to normal. Taking care to preserve a company’s bottom line will ensure that they can withstand economic difficulties.