Personal Finance

Investing 101

Learning how to use your money to earn more money is the first step to creating generational wealth. If you want to ensure that not only you have a good retirement, but that the lives of your progeny are provided for well, then learning how to invest your money is an essential skill. Investments have a long history and is one of the most effective ways of building wealth in the world.

Most Important Knowledge Regarding Investing for Beginners  

Several key concepts are vital for you to learn as a beginner in the investing world. Without this basic knowledge, you could end up losing and making bad decisions that cost you significant sums of money. Brush up on your knowledge of these basic concepts, and you will be well on the way to becoming a successful beginning investor.

What Is a Stock?  

You have likely heard of stock before. A stock is an investment that someone makes in a publicly-traded company. When you own a stock, it represents a claim of a portion of ownership in the company.

Most stockholders have rewarded dividends for holding onto their stocks, or quarterly payments based on the revenue of the underlying assets.

What Is a Bond?  

It is usually recommend that you should learn how to diversify your portfolio by including some bonds. Bonds are one of the safest investments in the world. These are debt obligations that are serviced by either corporations or governments. Governmental bonds pay out a predetermined amount of interest and are a great way to hedge against the adverse effects of high inflation.

What Is a Commodity?  

Stocks and bonds are not the only types of investments you can make. Commodities are one of the most profitable areas of investment, even if it is somewhat less well known. You are likely familiar with commodities, even if you do not know them as commodities.

Anything that is useful and has value in utility can be considered a commodity. Oil, precious metals, animal products, and other vital items for our social survival are all considered to be commodities.

You can invest in commodities by investing in companies that work in the industry associated with the commodity, or investing in the commodities themselves by purchasing them.

What Are the Main Styles Of Investing  

The approach you have with your investments will determine the amount of risk you are willing to take on and the amount of return you are likely to experience. The two most popular styles of investing are active and passive. Active investment involves what most people refer to as swing trading. This is where the investor tries to time the market and its slings. If you can buy stocks whenever they are low-priced and sell them whenever they are higher priced, then you will generate a profit. Passive investing does not involve actively making trading decisions daily. Most people invest a particular portion of their income at a regularly defined time interval. Over time it will begin to accumulate interest, and after years the power of compound interest will be substantial.

How to Calculate the Return on Your Investment  

The concept of ROI is an essential concept for you to understand, to rank the value of your investments. ROI or return on investment refers to the amount of money that is generated for each dollar you have invested in a particular investment choice.

For example, if you invest $100 into bonds and next year you are paid back $125, then your ROI is 25% annually because the value of your investment increased by 25% over one year.

Saving for Investment

In order to invest your money you need to have it in the first place. check out some of these money saving tips to increase your savings and investments.

  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • Cancel unused subscriptions you are not using
  • Dine In: Save money by cooking at home rather than going out to eat
  • Invest in a nice coffee maker to decrease your coffee shop visits
  • Make a shopping list before going to the grocery store (you would be surprised at how much this little act can save)
  • Cut your Oncor Energy bill by installing blackout curtains (blackout curtains help insulate your home which can help heating and cooling costs and they can also help you get a better nights sleep.)


Before you invest your fund, always ask yourself if you are making the right choice. Investment requires a substantial amount of fund, and if you are still struggling to keep up with your savings, it might not be the right choice for you.Try to take a good, honest look at your finances or have at least a little savings.