5 Emerging Technologies for Career Inspiration

The world is changing faster than ever before, and for the next generation, the challenges are indeed many, with a growing population and a large employment market where competition is fierce. If your child is in their early teens, now is the time to think about a career, and with that is mind, here are a few new technologies that are going to be huge in the future.

  1. Robotics – Robots have been around for quite some time, yet by merging with artificial intelligence (AI), the robotics industry is surging ahead. Despite these amazing machines taking many jobs, there is a need to people to design, fabricate and maintain robots of all kind, and if your child likes the sciences, this would be a great path to follow.
  2. Blockchain Developer – Blockchain is revolutionary in as much as it is apparently hack-proof, due to the fact that blocks of data are interconnected, which prevents the data being changed. This technology powers Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and very soon, governments will store citizen data on a blockchain and this technology will be adopted worldwide, as a secure open-ledger format of data storage and security. If you take a close look at the curriculum of a top school like St. Andrews in Sathorn, you can see that blockchain technology is already introduced into their IT subject, which is a reflection of the demand for code writers and administrators.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – We have come a long way since Deep Blue beat the world Chess champion, and machine learning is already an established university subject. The future could well include the merging of AI with the human conscious, at least that’s what Elon Musk thinks, and if your child likes math and is interested in how artificial intelligence can be used, why not introduce the subject? We are already using AI, with forward-thinking companies like Google and YouTube using AI to decide what is shown on our social media feeds.
  4. Digital Marketing – You only have to look at the salary of a top SEO technician to realise there’s big money in digital marketing, and with a BA in computer science, your child can start as a trainee and within 5 years, they would be very competent and can command a high rate of pay. The world has already gone digital and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, and getting into the SEO sector promises a very rewarding future. Here is some information on how ebooks are booming, which is an indication of a digitalised society.
  5. The Medicare Industry – Irrespective of developing technology, people get sick and if your child loves being around others and is helpful by nature, a career in nursing is very rewarding. Alternately, they might have an interest in medicine, which could lead to becoming a doctor, a very noble calling indeed. Click here for some career information from the UK government.

There are many possibilities for a career, and if your child demonstrates a high interest in something, this should be encouraged and supported, as this passion might drive their adult goals. A sound academic education is required if you are going to get ahead in the career race, and discovering where your child’s real interest lies is an important factor.