How Technology is Changing Our Lives for the Better

If you were to draw a graph to plot humanity’s technical progression, you would see a steady climb that started at the Industrial Revolution, the start of our enlightenment, then after WW2, the line gets steeper and is currently almost at 90 degrees. The Internet is a global network that enables many thousands of scientists, designers and other specialists to collaborate and share their knowledge and free energy is just around the corner.

Technology we will use daily

Machines such as ATMs, vending machines and information boards will all be touch screen; if you look around next time you’re in the city, you are bound to find touch screen electronics and this is the future. The equipment would be transported and final mile delivery from Rhenus High Tech would take over and their teams would locate the equipment, then install and configure it, ready for use. When you are running at the fitness studio, its touch screen all the way, while vending machines all use touch screen technology.

The Internet of Things

A souped-up Internet platform for all digital devices that runs at 10x the data speed of the current 4G will be powered by 5G, thanks to the many thousands of satellites deployed by Elon Musk’s Space X, and this network will be run by AI. We are less than 20 years away from driverless vehicles that are all controlled by AI, and in theory, it will be impossible for an accident to occur, as every vehicle will conform to minimum distance rules. If you are career hunting, now is an exciting time, with so many new technologies, such as AI, robotics and drones.

The Smart Home

When you wake in the morning, the climate control is already on and your breakfast is soon to be served and after your breakfast, you can fire up the car from your smartphone, ready for that short drive to the office. You can control every digital device in your home from any location, thanks to the 5G platform and life will be so different in many ways, with AI opening so many doors, designing vehicles and even diagnosing patients.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already advanced, with tech giants like Google employing machine learning to select what comes up on your browser feed and if you think Alexa is cool, you haven’t seen anything yet. Expect to see humanoid robots that look and act like people and they will be your home help, so to speak, learning more about you as time passes and maybe even providing you with stimulating conversation, who knows where AI will take us? Here is some UK government information on AI, which is worth a read.

There are those who issue a stern warning about machine learning, as they see the possibility of the machines becoming so intelligent that they realise humanity is destroying the planet and take suitable action to eradicate us!

Whatever your political views, it is possible that AI will be the last invention that humanity ever creates, and we need to have a system in place that guarantees machines would never harm their creators. With that in place, we can expect life to be wonderful in every respect.