Samsung Biologics Launches Virtual Showroom, Giving Audiences An Insider View Into Plant 4

Samsung Biologics recently amped up its digitization efforts with the launch of its Plant 4 Virtual Showroom, demonstrating the company’s push towards innovation and giving visitors an inside look into its new manufacturing facility. Accessible to anyone around the world at any time—the Virtual Showroom will provide real-time construction updates of the new facility as well as an in-depth introduction to specs and features Plant 4 will offer upon completion. 

Construction on Plant 4 began in November, and when fully operational, it will be the world’s largest and most innovative biomanufacturing facility in the world. With the Virtual Showroom, the company is giving audiences a teaser into the digital transformation that Plant 4 will bring to the biopharmaceutical industry.

A representative from Samsung Biologics said Plant 4 and the Virtual Showroom demonstrate the company’s commitment to clients and its attention to detail. The dedicated webpage also shows that the company is able to provide digital solutions using the latest technological innovations to keep everyone connected even if they can’t be on site physically. It also allows them to provide information on demand as well as remain agile to respond to any questions or requests.  

Samsung Biologics is no stranger to this type of concept. In June 2020, the company launched its award-winning Virtual Exhibition Hall to showcase not only their capabilities but also to connect with clients and shareholders digitally. Blending realistic details from the company’s existing VIP exhibition room, physical facilities, and traditional conference booths, the experiential platform allows users to explore its CMO, CDO, and CRO services from any device, anywhere in the world, 24×7. 

Samsung Biologics has seen significant amounts of growth this year due to its innovative strategies and continuous client satisfaction as well as the increased global demand for various biopharmaceuticals as a result of the pandemic.