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Yaroslav Gordeev Presents Full Phenom Ecosystem in an Official White Paper By BTC Peers

Yaroslav Gordeev Presents Full Phenom Ecosystem in an Official White Paper

The world is constantly evolving, leaving us with no choice but to keep evolving within it, developing our skills, and getting new experiences. Humanity has seen dramatic changes over the past few years due to social and technological developments. We have had to adapt as the digital world is transforming our lives.

The intersection of technology with humanity led to new solutions – digitalized and ready for adapting to the constantly changing environment. The Phenom Ecosystem is one of these.

What exactly is the Phenom ecosystem?

Phenom Ecosystem was designed with one goal in mind: to make technology valuable and useful for people who use it. Phenom is all about the end user. They become co-creators of products and interact with them to share feedback, ideas, and create new ones.

Phenom has become a digital ecosystem thanks to this combination of technological and human elements. Phenom is therefore a digital ecosystem that is an independent complex of technological solutions and products that are available separately and together.

Phenom, however, is a digital ecosystem that has been created to balance the benefits of the user, rather than the more traditional ones like Google (NASDAQ.) and Facebook (NASDAQ.). Both the financial model and the future development plan were created with end-users and communities in mind.

The Phenom Ecosystem is not only a set of technology solutions, but also something entirely new to the IT industry. It combines entertainment, science, business and technology in a novel way. These are the fundamental principles behind Phenom: transparent economics, stimulation for development and work and motivation for research and discovery – all these are core principles.

Phenom Ecosystem components

At the moment, the Phenom Ecosystem contains six interconnected products: Phenom Network, Phenom Chain, Phenom Token, Phenom App, Phenom Explorer, and Phenom League.

Phenom Network

The Phenom Network is a decentralized foundational network that is created by the Ecosystem users and their smartphones. This network serves as the hub for all Phenom products. It allows users to exchange tokens and participate in LEAGUE tournaments and matches, and communicate with other Phenom Metaverse teams. According to the Phenom team, the Ecosystem will increase the variety of opportunities for collaboration.

Phenom Chain

Phenom Chain is a private blockchain, a distributed and autonomous database that unites all information and reports on user actions in the Ecosystem. Phenom Chain is a distributed blockchain that aims to promote transparency, security and decentralization within the Ecosystem.

The Phenom team’s expertise has made this blockchain more efficient and faster to develop. It also offers complete privacy and stability. The hybrid of PoS/PoA consensus algorithms was used to build it. This allows only authorized participants to verify blocks and provides enhanced security.

Phenom Explorer

Phenom Explorer helps users to get easy, full access to information about tokenomics: how many tokens are mined, how many are stored, how many are in the reserve fund, and how many tokens the user has bought and spent. The Phenom Explorer also displays data about the number of applications downloaded, and how much volume resource has been delegated. The Phenom Explorer uses the Phenom Chain blockchain to record every action taken within the Ecosystem.

Phenom Token

Phenom Token, PNT, is a unique cryptocurrency developed specifically for Phenom Ecosystem to serve as the only currency throughout all products. The Ecosystem is the only place where PNT tokens can be created, mined and stored. Token rates are directly affected by active users and stake rates.

Phenom App

In the Phenom Ecosystem, decentralization is achieved by means of millions of mobile devices located all over the globe. And Phenom App enables such decentralization powering Phenom technology. This application allows users to have access to all Phenom products or services. It also lets them participate in the validation of the Phenom Chain and can interact with the Ecosystem. This includes participating in LEAGUE tournaments and completing missions.


Phenom LEAGUE is a unique direction within the Ecosystem fully built on the principle of gamification. Users can compete against each other, take on challenges, have fun and win tokens.

Phenom Game is set to launch in 2022, along with Phenom Exchange and Phenom Pay. Besides, they are going to develop the Phenom Phone & OS, Phenom Browser, and Phenom Messenger in 2022 – 2025. In the official White Paper, the entire roadmap was published in September 2021.

Yaroslav Gordeev, CEO of Phenom Ecosystem

Of course, there is a whole team behind Phenom, but the person who came up with the idea of the project and initiated its development is Yaroslav Gordeev, CEO of Phenom Ecosystem.

Yaroslav Gordeev, who was just 17, started his own business and has since held top positions in numerous industries. His extensive IT experience, entrepreneurial skills, and investment knowledge have allowed him to launch and manage businesses across the globe.

He’s been a successful investor for years, accumulating experience and learning from the best.

Phenom was born in 2014. He learned about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the Phenom Ecosystem CEO, he takes full responsibility for the business. He spends much of his time connecting with people and getting to know their wishes and needs.

Yaroslav is an intelligent businessman, who strongly believes in self-motivation and hard work for more success. His belief is that self-development can lead to awareness and help you realize your full potential.

Future plansPhenom is a great example of an efficient product ecosystem. It is much more profitable than single products. There will be many similar projects in the future. This will offer users more opportunities to monetize and grow.

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