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Ethereum loses key support level as ETH price falls to two-month lows against Bitcoin By Cointelegraph

Ethereum’s native token, Ether (ETHThe price of ), rose by over 15% within the first twelve days of October. But, compared to Bitcoin’s (BTCThe second-largest cryptocurrency, with 30% growth in the same time frame, is Momentaneously, we are in a downtrendPrices in BTC

As of October, and into the fourth quarter in 2021 the exchange rate had plunged by more than 12%. It reached 0.060215 BTC on Oct. 12 for the first-time since the end of the previous two months.

Chart of daily price for ETH/BTC. TradingView
Daily chart of dominance index Source: TradingView
Chart of the SATO ETF price at 15 minutes TradingView