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Squid Game is biggest Netflix series launch


Scene from Netflix’s “Squid Game”.


NetflixIt claims that “Squid Game”, its largest series launch, is it.

According to the streaming giant, tweetThe much-anticipated South Korean drama has been viewed by 111 Million viewers since Sept. 17, its release.

The company stated that it is the first Netflix show with more than 100 million viewers within the first month. It easily beat the record set by “Bridgerton”, which had been viewed by 82,000,000 households within the first 28 days.

“Squid Game,” a game that quickly became popular in many countries, including its homeland, was actually a success. sued NetflixFollowing the performance, traffic spiked.

It’s not for the fainthearted. The series features fictional contestants competing in children’s games in hopes of winning lots of money. They are shot by red-suited masked guards if they fail to win.

Note that 111,000,000 people watched Netflix. This doesn’t mean that all of them watched every episode. Netflix figures take only into consideration users who logged on for less than two minutes.

Netflix’s focus on international growth is a priority in recent years. The company has invested extensively into movies and foreign-language series like “Money Heist”, which have been both critically and commercially successful.