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Japan PM dissolves lower house for Oct. 31 national election

Fumio Kishida attended a press conference in Tokyo after winning the presidency election by Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party LDP on September 29, 2021.

Du Xiaoyi | Xinhua News Agency | Getty Images

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida dismantled the lower chamber of Parliament Thursday to make way for the Oct. 31 national election.

After being elected as prime minister of Japan by the parliament just 10 days before Yoshihide Suga, Kishida stated that he seeks public support for his policies.

Tadamori Ohma, the speaker from the stronger lower chamber, announced dissolution during a plenary session.

The announcement was made by the 465 lawmakers in lower house. They stood up and shouted three times “banzai”, before moving on. Now they have lost their seats. Official campaigning to form a new lower chamber begins on Tuesday.

Under former Prime Minister Shinzo abe, the last election to the lower house was held in 2017.

Suga was his successor as prime minister for just one year. His perceived arrogance in handling the coronavirus, and insisting on the Tokyo Olympics were held despite the rising number of cases, damaged the support of his government.

Kishida is charged with rallying support to the ruling party and has pledged to follow politics of trust and empathy.

In his policy speech on Friday, he stated that he would strengthen the nation’s responses to the coronavirus outbreak in the event of another one. He also promised to revive the economy and boost defenses against North Korea and China.

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