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Blockchain technology can make micropayments finally functional -Breaking


Recently, I came across Marc Andreessen’s This articleStarting in 2014BTCIt is. It is, in many ways visionary. Since I joined the sector four years ago, my main focus has been on blockchain’s social impact. It is astonishing to me that in 2014, before there was any institutional presence in Bitcoin — or, indeed, a popular understanding of this new technology — Andreessen was able to outline its potential economic and social impact for the future.

A little over eight years later, his words were inked. Today I want to speak on micropayments. I will explore how blockchain could help transform micropayments and thus enable not only the monetization of certain aspects of businesses that are in need of a solution but also could assist society’s most vulnerable.

Netta KorinNetta is co-founders of Orbs and Hexa Foundation. Prior to Orbs, Netta served as senior adviser to General Mordechai Hod on special projects in the Israeli Ministry of Defense and as senior adviser to Deputy Minister for Diplomacy Michael Oren in the Prime Minister’s Office. Netta started her Wall Street career as an investment banker, and then became a manager of hedge funds. Netta has extensive experience with philanthropy. She served for more than 15 years on numerous boards in Israel as well as America.