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John Bolton says U.S. should consider ousting Belarus’ Lukashenko to ‘a nice villa on the Riviera’


John Bolton, a former national security adviser to Donald Trump, said that the U.S. should be looking for Alexander Lukashenko as President of Belarus to help stop Russia from seeking to reclaim former Soviet Republic.

Bolton suggested that President should be considered as an option. Joe BidenAdministration to locate the dictator “a nice villa in the Riviera.”

In response to an increasing migrant crisis along the EU border with Poland, his comments came as the European Union intensifies its attempts to impose sanctions upon Belarus.

Many thousands of refugees from Syria, Yemen, and Iraq were gathered in the freezing cold at Poland’s border. for several weeks.

We’re all making mistakes by not focusing on Lukashenko’s repressions of the opposition’s protests. [and]They want a Belarusian representative government, but not to deny that Lukashenko’s actions are justified,” Bolton stated Wednesday to CNBC’s Julianna Taylorbaum.

There is a danger that, as long as the opposition keeps mounting its protests, Lukashenko will not be able to have an authoritarian government of his own in Belarus. Plan B for Lukashenko is to ask the Russians to assist. Once that happens, Belarusians may never again have the chance to elect a new government.

“So our strategy should, I believe, be to expel Lukashenko and then find him a lovely villa in the Riviera. [It is]Bolton stated that Russia is something Bolton should consider as he invited them in.

According to the U.S. State Department, it is not looking to intensify bilateral tensions with Belarus. It also calls upon Lukashenko’s government to cease its crackdown against members of civil society and the media.

Also, the White House calledBelarus authorities are to organize free and fair elections in international observation.

CNBC reached out to the Russian Embassy in London and Belarusian Foreign Ministry for comment but they were unavailable immediately.

Bolton was a Trump White House employee for 17 months from 2018 to 2019, and left the Trump White House on uneasy terms. Bolton stated that he thinks Russia’s President is the best. Vladimir PutinRussia wants to reclaim Belarusian territory.

Crisis for Migrants

As they attempt to cross the border between Belarus and Poland at the Bruzgi Kuznica Bialostocka border crossing, Grodno Region (Belarus November 15, 2021), migrants gather in numbers.

Oksana Manchuk | BelTA | Handout | via Reuters

Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe with approximately 9.5million people, borders Latvia, Lithuania Poland, Poland and Russia.

Michelle Bachelet is the U.N. Human Rights High Commissioner. said the primary aim of Belarusian authorities “was suppressing criticism and dissent of Governmental policies.”

Meanwhile, NATO and the U.S. have accused Belarus of helping to coordinate migrants crossing the border in an effort to weaken security. A charge that it strongly denies.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister, accused Putin of orchestrating the migration crisis at the border between Poland and Belarus. Russia’s Putin denied any involvement in the crisis.

— CNBC’s Elliot Smith contributed to this report.