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Airdrop rumors result in a swarm of activity on MetaMask Swap and Polygon -Breaking


Analysts believe that airdrops in the crypto industry are becoming more commonplace. The September airdrops were: dYdX gave an enormous airdrop to its early customersLast week was the Name Service was launchedPlatform users can receive approximately $17,000-$30,000 worth of ENS tokens. Anticipation of additional “helicopter money” has also led to a flurry of airdrop hunters seeking out the next big score.

In an effort to get token drops, there was a rush to sign up for protocols. Rumours that MetaMask might release its own token are circulating since last week. The result is the increase in engagement at MetaMask Swap.

MetaMask volume and daily active users of Polygon, Ethereum. Source: Delphi Digital
Revenue from MetaMask 2021 Source: Delphi Digital
Polygon’s average cost for gas. Polygon Scan
MetaMask statistics on swaps. Source: DappRadar