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Elizabeth Holmes’ defense lets Theranos founder play young do-gooder


Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos Inc. arrives in San Jose on Monday Nov. 22, 2021.

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SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Elizabeth Holmes was able to answer a lot of questions on Monday from her defense attorney. She also gave the opportunity to promote her ambitious goals for Theranos, her blood-testing business, ahead of what promises to be a heated interrogation.

Holmes, on her second day of evidence in the criminal fraud trial against her, presented promising partnerships to pharmaceutical companies, Stanford University, and Department of Defense.

Holmes said that Holmes believed this to be a very big idea. These robots, which are still used in the conventional lab haven’t been miniaturized so that they can run at the pointof care.

Holmes, 37 years old, was the first to make a surprise appearanceAfter 11 weeks of calling 29 witnesses over 11 weeks, the prosecution called Friday’s witness stand. These included ex-employees, investors and lab directors as well as business partners. In San Jose, Holmes will speak Monday to the public in an extended holiday week.

Holmes fans, reporters and onlookers began to gather outside the courthouse doors as early as 3 AM California time. At 7:30 AM, the doors opened to the courthouse. Approximately 79 tickets were distributed. This left dozens waiting in line outside to see Holmes testify.

Holmes, her partner Billy Evans, her mother, and Holmes arrived hand in arm. Holmes was accompanied by at least nine family and friends, Evans included.

Holmes, wearing a blue dress and introducing herself before the jury, said: “My name Elizabeth Holmes,” in her trademark baritone voice. The testimony of Holmes lasted approximately two hours.

Holmes is charged with 11 counts each of wire fraud or conspiracy to commit wirefraud. She has pleaded guilty, and she denies any wrongdoing. If convicted, she could spend up to 20 years behind bars.

Kevin Downey was Holmes’ lawyer and he ran Holmes’ former CEO at Theranos through a series questions. This highlighted Theranos’ work with top drugmakers, such as AstraZenecaMerck and PfizerAs well as at the Mayo Clinic.

Holmes stated that “we believed our product could help pharmaceutical companies get better insight into the working of a drug and speed up the time required to conduct a study.”

A slide titled “completed success” was shown to the jurors in 2009. Holmes answered Downey’s question about what counts as success in working with pharmaceutical firms.

When explaining scientific terms, she would often look to the right at the jury box.

Although Holmes was accused of being a dishonest leader who misled investors, employees and patients, Downey allows Holmes to recast her self as an aspiring young entrepreneur, with a great idea she wants to become a reality.

Holmes discussed Theranos’ relationships with Schering-Plough and Pfizer, but was not asked about claims her company had made. forged their logosto appear genuine, they are referred to in lab reports. Pfizer scientist Shane Weber was one of several witnesses who confirmed that the government never supported Theranos’ use of Theranos logo.

Holmes admitted that Theranos had never been in partnership with the Department of Defense. Holmes, according to the Prosecutors, is charged with fraud. Theranos lied to investors that they were working with military personnel. Hedge fund managers are witnesses Brian GrossmanAccording to the company, they were told that technology would be used in combat.

Holmes testified in support of Holmes’ assertion that Theranos had wanted to work with the DoD for several programs in 2008-2009.

She said that one was looking for markers in blood to predict PTSD and another related with diabetes management. Another was dealing with infections in trauma patients.

Holmes’ testimony took nearly two hours to complete, but no explanation was given to the courtroom. Downey and an assistant U.S. attorney, Jeff Schenk, U.S. Circuit Court Judge Edward Davila, were absent from the courtroom during this time.

Holmes will be returning to the witness podium on Tuesday. The court will then be recessing the rest of this week in celebration of Thanksgiving. After the defense has concluded its questioning, Holmes will be available for cross-examination by the prosecution.

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