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Coin HealthCheck: Ethereum Meta / ETHM

Meta (ETHM), an anonymous token that is part of a cryptoproject, seeks to resolve privacy concerns on Ethereum Blockchain. ETHM’s creators also aim to make anonymous marketplaces pay for their daily transactions with it.

Ethereum Meta launched back in 2018 and remained low for several years. It gained attention in the wake of its remarkable 1,743% rise in November 2021.

Status of the Project
Ethereum Meta smart contracts allow anonymous direct transactions which enable hiding of purchases as well as amounts spent.

Anonymous payments can also be made anonymously. You can turn ETH coins into anonymous ETHMs. Then send, split or merge ETHMs with ETHMs. To make an anonymous transaction, you will need to change back to ETH.

This token is used to pay black market transactions anonymously.

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Website & Whitepaper:
This website contains brief project details, whitepaper, whitepaper, contact forms, community links and links to compatible wallets.

Website on WordPress, headlines and subheadlines don’t match sometimes, minor grammar mistakes.

Site is not secured

Whitepaper can be viewed as a PDF document. This document is dedicated to 2018/2019. However, you can link to the website in order for any updates. No founders.

Phase of development
In 2018, desktop and mobile wallets were completed

Continuous expansion into the Ethereum Meta community.

Since Q4 2019, listed on cryptocurrency exchanges This goal will be met until Quarter Four 2022.

Smart Contract Mixer is being developed. This allows for the mixing of transaction tokens into crypto wallets. Smart contract operation looks transparent. The Q2 2018 goal has been shifted to the Q4 2022.

From Q2 2022 through Q4 2023, development of an anonymous and non-centralized online market

Similar goal was established in the 2018/2019 whitepaper. We have no information on the reason for this delay.

Donations, funding by admins and offers of free funds

There is no data available on the total amount raised.

There is no data provided about the project’s founders, developers, advisors, or investors.

Official website includes a list of decentralized crypto exchanges and aggregators (CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko), as well as their partnerships.

Twitter (NYSE.) (6.6K), Facebook, (NASDAQ.) (1.2K), Telegram (6.9K).

Links from Reddit accounts to r/CryptoCurrency.

Twitter has regular inactivity periods. The longest one took more than a year (Oct 2019 – Dec 2020). It was not explained why the project failed.

Reposts and hyped messages on ATHs make up the biggest share of Ethereum Meta’s social media content.

The scam Ethereum Meta is proclaimed in common posts. Many users claim that their wallets and selling prices differ, so swapping can only be done for a small fraction of what is listed.

Important Metrics
Maximum supply991 trillion

Supply circulation: 50 billion

Market Cap$26 Thousand

Trading Volume:Below $0.5M

Listings on exchange:
Listing on 12 decentralized Exchanges (including PancakeSwap V2 and OxProtocol). (The complete list can be found here).

Token allocation:
There are over 4.3K unique addresses for holders on Ethereum.

98% are Ethereum Meta tokens in the hands of whales. They hold more than 1 percent of the circulating supply.

99 percent of wallets have funds that last more than one year.

ERC-20 compatible wallets are available.

All-time Record (ATH), $0.04141247, March 2019,

All-time low (ATL), $0.000000023224 November 2021

Huge rally to 1,743% November 18, 2021


  • There are more red flags than there is truth. Ethereum Meta is an anonymous organization that works to solve privacy problems within the Ethereum network. This is probably logical, but risky for regular retail investors, who should keep asking the question “why should I trust it?”
  • This anonymous team doesn’t seem to care enough about Ethereum Meta. Both the whitepaper and website lack detail and have broken links. And the site isn’t secure. The project’s development is slow, and the team regularly abandons its social media channels.
  • Nearly all of the available supply lies in several holders who don’t move them more than one year. Trading volumes are low, and market capitalization signals there’s almost no value in ETHM.
  • There is enough noise from the pump-and dump ETHM price chart for November. Constant complaints about Ethereum Meta issues should be a red flag.
  • In summary, it’s better to stay away from this type of investment, unless you are a black market player and have no other choice.


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