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What Jim Cramer is watching in the market Monday, including the omicron impact

Jim Cramer.

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Here’s what I see, 29 November 2021

  • In the end, panic attacks and endless anxiety will lead to insanity. People might be scared that the vaccines aren’t working. This could make it difficult to decide whether to get them. Our foolishness in refusing to put an end to the tyranny and covid, as well as the sorrow of having to fight the same war again.… shutdown worries—which will most likely not to occur… Pfizer (PFE) Moderna (MRNA)Get bought… Pfizer with staying power… Do not be afraid to ask for help.
  • Black Friday: Good or Bad ?… Depends on the comparisonsWe weren’t as secure as we were in 2019, but we did better than we were in 2020. Mad Money has Shopify President tonight for Cyber Monday discussions…
  • Interest rates up… This is the signal from the market that this variant will not stop commerce or create a lockdown.
  • Deutsche Bank downgrades UPS… a Club name… We are now going to the holidays, as well as the commitment that CEO Carole Tome made on Mad Money This would not make any sense as it would provide a bountiful income for UPS shareholders.
  • Allbirds (BIRD)Analyst coverage is almost as common on Wall Street than it is for buys… Will this end the streak of hot IPOs which have become disappointing?… Piper says very differentiated… Bank of America—robust growth  with line of sight on profitability…JPMorgan’s analyst Boss says neutral but attractive multi-year… Morgan Stanley says hold, but multi-year profitability unclear
  • Affirm (AFRM)Piper Sandler was neutral when I started… but the stock had run too far, Piper Sandler said. For what reason has my view of “buy now and pay later” literally destroyed literally tens to billions of dollars?… You can buy now and pay later. I enjoy the stock and its management.
  • Citi Goes from buy to hold on Merck (MRK)We are now hearing about Keytruda losing their exclusive right to use the anti-cancer brand… That’s ridiculous, because expiry isn’t until 2028. However, the antiviral was a huge disappointment. It seems like it does not have enough.
  • TJX Companies (TJX)Citi upgraded from neutral to purchase at Citi… the love affair with TJX starts anew… Burlington Stores (BURL), too… Is Off-Price Back?
  • Oil… phony decline?Extreme selling, worry about weekends… bought out and returned?
  • Hatzius… A Goldman Sachs economist who I believe in… —  1. Omicron transmits easily and evades immunity. Negative side effect: Omicron is more severe and immune-compromised than Delta (less likely). False Alarm: Spreads slower than delta, but has no major impact. Positive: slightly less transmissible, but more severe disease… He isn’t making any adjustments to the forecasts until these scenarios are clearer 
  • Deere (DE)Deutsche Bank raises price target from $375 to $498Although results are mixed, the outlook is bright
  • Nordstrom (JWN)… D-Bank has lowered the price target to $37 from $27 on lower q…no value…
  • JPMorgan says Apple (AAPL)Lead times are shorterBut what does this mean for quarters? NOTHING
  • Penn National (PENN)… DBank analyst Carlo Santarelli—noted Portnoy target—raises PT $31 to $38…But October is the best month!
  • Union Pacific (UNP)Dbank raised PT to $261 and $270 The long-held bullish position on industry will continue. This is despite easy money, and generous fiscal policies.   
  • Pfizer price target raised to $53 from  $42 at JPMorgan—clearly levered to covid—but keeps it as a hold
  • Buy Marvell tech (MRVL)…JPMorgan takes target from $74 to $85… reports Thursday…analyst says near term remains strong, cloud center build up
  • Disney (DIS)…really hard… Loop reductions PT, $205 to $90 citing excessive spend on content JPMorgan believes that more content spending is a good thing.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH)is the only one who insists on vaccines, so it is the best bounceback..
  • Gold is stubborn to move

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