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Creator of Binamon, TB Labs Announces the Launch of Tango Chain — The New Metaverse Saviour -Breaking


Creator of Binamon, TB Labs Announces the Launch of Tango Chain — The New Metaverse Saviour
  • TB Labs is the creator of Binamon and has created the Tango Chain ecosystem in order to create a metaverse world.
  • This is the first blockchain-based ecosystem specifically for metaverses that was created by gamers for gamers.

TB Labs have just announced the release of Tango Chain — a blockchain-driven ecosystem that seeks to empower a whole new level of experience and highlight the need for dedicated blockchain for a seamless metaverse activity. After launching the popular Play-to-Earn game Binamon, TB Labs builds on that success.

Tango Chain, the first metaverse-specific blockchain with 100 percent specialized ingames created by gamers, is Tango Chain. This project is designed to help bridge the gap between tokens and assets in order to create a cross-chain ecosystem.

Tango Chain is also designed to facilitate, personalize, and simplify user-based interests and synergies within metaverse. This will allow for a seamless and interconnected growth of the metaverse technology. The Tango Chain implementation seems futuristic and will provide many advantages to the Metaverse.

Its vast services will rock the metaverse space to bring lots of blockchain hikes while being compatible with Ethereum’s network and ERC-20 tokens on the go. The project can process over 20 blocks per second to manage high volume metaverse transactions.

Tango Chain is also using the Proof of Staked Authority(PoSA) consensus method. This makes it first-class when it comes to security, stability, and ensuring users’ efficiency. The announcement states that the Tango Chain will use the ERC 2324 NFT polygame asset token standard for managing NFTs, in-game assets and other NFTs with great speed.

The team at TB Labs stated:

Tango will revolutionize blockchain technology as well.

Tango Chain is making a big step in order to make a great stride. They have built a hand-held console for users that will allow them to navigate the world of the metaverse with just a few clicks. An integrated crypto wallet supports finger-approved payment.

AGO Coin is a Tango Chain token that functions both as a financial and governance token. It’s used as an incentive to reward network validators. Tango Chain transactions, like Binance Smart Chain operations, are subject to almost-zero charges.

Tango Chain has also entered into a partnership with DEXT Force, Huawei Cloud and other great partners to create an intuitive metaverse experience for its console immediately after it raised its initial capital round.

The Tango Chain team has also been busy preparing for a second Strategic and Private round of funding. This is scheduled to take place on November 30, at 12:01 UTC. Meanwhile, AGO’s Initial DEX Offering is slated to occur in the coming months.

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