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Parag Agrawal went from Twitter engineer to CEO in just 10 years

Today, 37-year-old Parag Agrawal is Twitter’s CEO — the youngest among the S&P 500, edging out Mark Zuckerberg. However, he worked as an engineer in Twitter’s early days.

Agrawal, the one who was announcedAs CEO following Jack Dorsey’s surprise resignationOn Monday, he joined Twitter in 2011 as a software engineering engineer. This was only 10 years ago. He climbed to the top of the corporate ladder in six years, becoming CTO. Agrawal earned a reputation for his pioneering use of AI/machine-learning technology at Twitter which helped to increase its audience.

In an email to employees that he posted on Twitter Monday, Agrawal wrote, “I joined this business 10 years ago, when there was less than 1,000 employees …” Agrawal now supervises more than 5,500 employees.” “I have walked in your shoes. I’ve witnessed the triumphs and defeats.

Dorsey also highlighted Agrawal’s incredible backstory. He cited Agrawal to illustrate the “ambition, potential”, he has seen in the Twitter team. Dorsey sent an email directly to employees and wrote, “Parag started here in engineering who cared deeply for our work. Now he’s the CEO.”

Agrawal expressed gratitude for Dorsey by writing an email saying that he was honored and humbled to assume the role of CEO.

Agrawal addressed Dorsey, writing: “I’m thankful for your continued mentoring and your friendship.” Twitter’s new CEO also thanked his predecessor for “leading our company through really important challenges,” which Dorsey, Twitter and many others have experienced. criticism in recent yearsConcerning issues like misinformation in social media.

Agrawal: Who are you?

Before arriving at Twitter, Agrawal worked as a researcher at a few different tech companies — AT&T Labs, Microsoft and Yahoo, according to his LinkedIn page — while completing his doctorate in computer science at Stanford University, which he finished in 2012. A bachelor degree in computer science, engineering was also earned by him at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

He wasn’t yet a household name, but that is quickly changing. CNBC reported that Agrawal’s twitter following increased by around 24,000 people after his announcement. reportedToday’s number was more than 140,000 by the time this article was published.

Agrawal’s wife, VineetaGeneral partner of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. She manages the biotechnology investment fund.

Twitter: What have you seen him do?

Twitter released a press release stating that Agrawal is the only person in the company who has held the title “Distinguished Software Engineer”, before becoming CTO. Agrawal began his career as an engineer in the advertising department of the company. Agrawal not only integrated machine learning technology but also improved algorithms of the platform to ensure that more relevant tweets appeared in the timelines of users, CNBC reports. previously reported.

According to Twitter, his success as an engineer spurred audience growth. his bioHe was a rising star in the company, long before Dorsey took over.

Agrawal became CTO and has been closely working with Dorsey for projects like BlueskyTwitter’s team is currently researching open, decentralized standards that will allow social media content to be seamlessly integrated on all social platforms. CNBC’s Salvador Rodriguez reportedOn Monday

Twitter’s board unanimously elected Agrawal to become CEO. Agrawal also was appointed to the company’s board of directors. Dorsey will continue to be on Twitter’s Board until his term ends in 2022. He tweeted a picture of an email that he had sent to Twitter employees, in which he stated that his trust and confidence in Agrawal as CEO was “bone deep.”

Dorsey stated that Agrawal was his choice because of how well he knows the business and its requirements.

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