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Elizabeth Holmes relies on entourage of friends as Theranos trial nears end


SAN JOSE, Calif. — As Elizabeth Holmes testifies in her own defense, she’s getting a little help from her friends. 

CNBC reported that Holmes called ex-friends and sister sorority members from Kappa Alpha Theta, Stanford University, asking them if they’d be available to support her. However, not all her friends accepted the invitation. CNBC spoke with a source who was familiar with the issue. One friend declined the invitation due to discomfort.

Nevertheless, a small group of women — some from Holmes’ early days at Stanford — are a regular part of the former Theranos CEO’s entourage, which is now growing as she’s on the stand.

Holmes is often photographed outside of court with Holmes’ friends. They don’t identify themselves when asked. One of the social media detectives who was watching the trial believed it to be one of their friends. Holmes had been accompanied by Vanessa Kirby, an actress who played Princess Margaret (The Crown) on her behalf. Netflix.

Asked outside court if she were Kirby, she said, “I don’t even know who that is.” She did however tell a reporter that her name was Vanessa last week as she stood in line for entry to the courthouse. It wasn’t accurate.

Jackie Lamping is her actual name. Lamping is not royalty because she was in the exact same sorority at Stanford as Holmes. Her LinkedIn profile shows that she’s a New York-based marketing executive. CNBC reached out to her but she did not reply.

According to legal experts, the “seen together with friends” strategy actually is quite widespread.

Katherine James, an experienced trial consultant, stated that “jurors are looking at the behavior of people who show up in support of her.” It is believed that jurors will be more comfortable with people who are close to you than those that are far away.

The strategy can turn against her.

“I’d be careful if I were Elizabeth Holmes,” Alan Tuerkheimer, a Chicago attorney and trial consultant, said. It’s true that she will try to project an image that impresses the jury. However, if they view that as manipulative plotting to impress them it could backfire.

A friend has also been showing up frequently, but she has avoided reporters asking about her identity. She revealed that she plays tennis and regularly travels to San Jose to take part in the trial.

Asked her name by one reporter, the woman replied “I don’t remember.” She shared her story with CNBC, as she did last week in line to get into the courthouse. Although she is from Croatia, her true identity was not revealed.

Holmes is a standoffish reporter, but the women often hug Holmes and chat in the hallway with Holmes. Holmes camp members have been reluctant to answer questions about their identities in the past.

William Evans, the father of her partner, was present at jury selection. He was casually dressed in casual attire and called himself “Hanson” Evans, who was sitting at the back of courtroom said that he was just a spectator. After the hearing, Evans did not go back to court. NPR revealedHe is his identity.

Holmes showed a hint of regret on the stand for five days. When asked by investors about the addition of logos from drugmakers to Theranos laboratory reports, she said that she wished “I had done it differently”.

I think she is probably thinking, “I will beat it,” she seems to have a mixture of optimism and woes. Based on conversations I had with her, I don’t believe there is guilt,” Holmes’ former friend, who spoke anonymously to avoid reprisal, stated.

CNBC did not receive a response from Holmes’ lawyers. CNBC was taken by surprise when Holmes testified. However, those who are familiar with her say that Holmes wants to dictate the story.

Holmes was a friend of mine and he said that Holmes has an arrogance about the fact that no one can do as much as she can. Holmes also shared his thoughts anonymously to avoid reprisal. My suspicion is she did not intend to testify. However, she felt that it was best for her to defend herself after she watched the trial unfold.

Holmes is betting that she will be able convince jurors that even though she made mistakes, she was not guilty of a crime.

The former friend stated that she has 945,000,000 reasons to believe in herself and feel confident in her ability persuade. “She cannot help herself. Look at all the circus that she created with her mom, who is not very close to her, and Stanford acquaintances for a show.

A former Theranos employee Holmes was also close to the person who requested not to be named because they were on the witness list. Holmes said Holmes probably insisted she testify.

The friend who was once a close friend said that she has an extremely high tolerance for risk and stress. That’s why entrepreneurs are successful. However, Elizabeth took the risks the majority of us wouldn’t take.

The jury as well as members of the general public saw Holmes’s side that she had presented to them when she was CEO of Theranos. Holmes’ inconsistencies with journalists, investors, and prior civil depositions were the focal point of her prosecution.

Holmes is facing possible imprisonment time. Holmes’ former friends say that Holmes will bet on herself to make her case.

Holmes said this in a written note she showed in court: “I know what the outcome is of every encounter.”