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Omicron Covid variant expected to hit New York in ‘coming days,’ NY health commissioner says


On October 26, 2021, a Covid-19 testing pop-up stands in Manhattan.

Spencer Platt | Getty Images

New York’s new and highly-mutated Covid-19 variant will be arriving in “coming days”, according to the state commissioner of health.

We now have an exposure. It will likely be discovered in the next days, we fully anticipate.” Mary Bassett said, “We fully expect that it will be detected in the coming days.” stepped in as the state health commissioner on Wednesday.  Bassett spoke at the press conference with New York Governor. Kathy Hochul was following Minnesota officials confirmed a second U.S. omicron caseIn a man from the locality who just returned from New York City for a convention.

Bassett explained that there is no doubt that the virus will be found in New York State, New York City and elsewhere. However, it was not detected yet.

According to the department, the Minnesotan man was fully vaccinated, and has recovered. He developed symptoms shortly after returning to the city for the Anime NYC 2020 convention, which was held at the Javits Center, from Nov. 19-21.

CNBC did not receive a response from Anime NYC immediately to our request for comment.

Bassett noted that the Wadsworth Center, the state health department’s biodefense lab, is continuing to conduct genomic sequencing to identify the omicron variant.

Wadsworth’s inability to perform its duties is no problem. That is all it takes. [the variant]Bassett confirmed that it hasn’t been found yet.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed Wednesday that the United States had the first case of this variant. This individual was fully vaccinated and had just returned from South Africa. The person tested positive Nov. 29. White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed the news to reporters.

Join the U.S. at least 23 countries across the worldThere have been confirmed cases of the omicron in several patients. It was discovered in Botswana on the last day of August and South Africa reported it to WHO about a week later. 

Omicron contains more than 30 mutations in the spike protein, the only mechanism that allows the virus into the human body. The WHO states that some of these mutations lead to increased transmission and decreases in antibody protection. 

Some officials from the U.S. health system and others around the globe fear that this variant may reduce the effectiveness current vaccines. Fauci stated Wednesday that further data are still required. 

“The molecular profil of which types of mutations are you seeing.” [in omicron]Fauci stated that this would indicate that the virus might be more easily transmissible, and might not receive some vaccine protection.” We don’t yet know the answer.

As part of an overall plan to stop the spread of this new variant, President Biden has tightened travel restrictions within and outside the United States.

This administration will require all international travelers arriving in the next 24 hours to be tested for Covid. They also plan on extending their mask requirement on all domestic flights through March 18th.