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Ford delays return-to-work program until March amid omicron variant

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn (Michigan) on January 19, 2021.

Aaron J. Thornton | Getty Images

DETROIT – Ford MotorThe delay in a return to work plan for salaried employees is due to concern about the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Michigan, and uncertain future prospects regarding the omicron variation.

On Monday, the automaker informed its employees it plans to start a pilot phase with select employees in February/March. Then there will be a complete rollout. that was initially announced in March 2021.Ford stated previously that hybrid models would be ineffective and it would not resume work until January. been pushed backMinimum two additional times.

The company stated in an email that “The status of COVID-19 virus is still fluid” and added, “We are moving the start date for the hybrid work model from March to March, despite our continued safety protocols and higher vaccination rates,”

Ford is putting off its delay days after Google promised it would not be requiring its employeesTo return to office in January according to plan, it said that it would wait until next year to determine when U.S. Offices can return safely to a stable and long-term working environment.

Around 120,000-130,000 Ford employees have returned to work, mostly in manufacturing. Ford’s American 56,000 hourly employees are currently back at work. represented by the United Auto WorkersAfter Detroit’s pandemic, automakers had to close several factories over the course of the week and unions began returning to work on May 20, 2020.

Ford’s hybrid working program offers employees the option of remote and on-site work. This is for those whose job doesn’t involve them physically being at any physical place.

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