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Play-to-Earn Racing Game Nitro League Gets $5 Million in Funding, To Join Metaverse -Breaking

Metaverse Receives $5M in funding for Play-to Earn Racing Game Nitro League
  • Nitro League receives funding of $5,000,000 for its play-to earn racing game Nitro League
  • This decentralized mobile game ventures into the metaverse.
  • Nitro League uses NFTs to make it fun and profitable.

Investors are paying a lot of attention to Nitro League’s Play-to Earn mobile racing game. Its recent successes show this. It is pleased to announce that the team behind this next-generation decentralized gaming platform has received $5 million in funding from a variety of prominent investors.

This new fund will allow the platform to join the race for metaverse integration into its ecosystem. SL2 Capital was the lead investor. Other prominent players in this round included YGG Southeast Asia (Led by Morningstar Ventures), Axia8 Ventures and Skyman Ventures), Double Peak, LD Capital ExtraWatts Calisto Capital as well As Infinity Ventures Crypto and NGC Ventures.

Hotwire Studios is a leader in innovation and mobile-first GameFi infrastructure. Hotwire has also raised 10M USD from prominent tier-1 funds.

Nitro League is a unique gaming platform that offers a variety of features. It is designed to offer a fun and engaging experience through solid tokenomics, NFT support, and a lively gaming environment. It has a multi-token economic system that allows players to trade, buy, and own in-game goods.

All players in the Nitro League metaverse can race against each other, take on missions and build their clan. You will however need street credit to grow your car fleet as a clan leader. The Nitro Arena DriveTribe will also benefit from the addition of members to their clan.

Zaynab Tucker, CEO of Nitro League, comments on the platform’s mission.

We’re aiming to shake up mobile gaming with the latest technology on the market. It’s not always about thinking up a new idea but just doing away with old ones. NFTs can be used in fun, lucrative ways. It’s a great way to enjoy the thrill of racing and build your own community. It’s the best of both worlds.

Let’s take you through the world that is Nitro League. The year 3050 marks the start of the race-to-earn game. In this world, clans control the entire planet and all countries are gone. The Nitro Arena is the best place to settle disputes, as it’s much more fun than going into war. Every win can also award status, power and honor and provide REP and XP (NASDAQ) and many other benefits.

Nitro League’s exciting feature is that over 500,000,000 Nitro League downloaders have the ability to use existing NFTs within Nitro League Arena. CryptoPunk holders have the ability to leverage NFTs, which allows for exceptional customization of the game-to-earn industry.

Particularly, the Nitro league team are AAA blockchain game developers who are extremely passionate. The co-founder and Delphi advisors of Holochain Designs are also responsible for the creation of the multi-token economic system. YGG, who is also responsible for scholarship model advisory will continue to play a vital role in the game’s future.

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