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Radio City cancels rest of Rockettes’ Christmas shows due to Covid


The Radio City Rockettes are on stage during Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, New York City.

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New York City residents can visit Rockefeller Center to see its famous Christmas tree. However, they will not be able walk down to Radio City Musical Hall to view their “Christmas Spectacular” on Christmas Eve.

Rockettes were the show’s stars, but Covid-19 has caused them to be sidelined.

A week prior to Christmas Eve, the “Christmas Spectacular Starring The Radio City Rockettes”, announced that it will end its 2021 season. The previous seasons would have ended on January 2.

The show released a statement on Friday saying that the “Christmas Spectacular” cannot be continued this season because of the increasing pandemic risks.

This week has been difficult for performers on the stage. Broadway shows have been cancelled one after another as variants of the coronavirus fuel a new surge in Covid casesIn the city.

“Moulin Rouge! “Moulin Rouge!” was cancelled by The Musical after one of its employees tested positive.

Since September, when the Big Apple’s theater industry was reopened, productions have continued to start and stop. “Aladdin,” “Chicken & Biscuits,” “Chicago” and “Wicked” as well as “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” have been forced to cancel performances or shut down because of breakthrough cases.

However, these incidents are more common in the recent weeks due to Covid omicron, which has caused an increase in cases even for those already fully vaccinated.

Wednesday’s cancellation of both performances by “Tina,” an e-jukebox musical about Tina Turner, was announced by Harry Potter. “Hamilton” had to cancel its evening performance.

In the Stephen Sondheim Theatre’s window, on December 16th 2021 in New York City, is displayed a sign that indicates the cancellation of performances of Mrs. Doubtfire due to Covid.

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Four performances of “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the musical version of the comedy, were previously cancelled between Sunday and Wednesday. Also, Freestyle Love Supreme cancelled three shows and “Ain’t Too Proud’ canceled one. The off-Broadway version of the “Little Shop of Horrors” revival was abandoned by four.

Broadway took precautions to insure that all workers, audience members and spectators were vaccinated. Also patrons have to wear masks when they watch performances. Workers and employees have often been found to be asymptomatic, or showing only minor symptoms. They aren’t allowed to come back until they have been declared non-contagious.

Some productions were able to go on even though a member of the cast tested positive for Covid-19. Understudies or swing musicians took their place.

Although the cancellations have been understood by most audiences, they can cause major disruptions to productions. This is especially true for those just starting. Shows with a strong following are the anchors of Broadway and will recover, but newer productions have to face more challenges.

“Chicken & Biscuits,” for example, a comedy about a family that reunited for a funeral, closed permanently at the end of November.

Tourists who come to Broadway often have less luck than ticketholders in New York.

Tourists account for approximately 65% of Broadway ticket sales in a given year. In addition to spending more on travel, meals and accommodations, they also make additional expenditures. They may be dissuaded from purchasing tickets, particularly during peak holidays, because of frequent cancellations.