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Conventions industry on edge amid omicron


Attendees throng a aisle at the Las Vegas 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jan. 6, 2015.

Steve Marcus | Reuters

Broadway plays cancelled. Shuttered restaurants. At walk-in clinics, lines of people swarmed the streets. Companies sending employees home.

This is a throwback to March 2020. Coronavirus infections are on the rise due to the contagious variant of omicron. The wave in New York is especially strong, with nearly double the number of Covid-19-related cases over the last week according to CNBC analysis from Johns Hopkins University data.

The ability of this variant to break through the defenses of Covid vaccinationsThis has caused people to reconsider everyday routines like dining out at restaurants. This has led to the $100 billion dollar conferences and events industryThe edge. As social distancing laws were implemented, the pandemic put an end to large-scale gatherings of people in the industry.

In recent months, the convention industry has seen a resurgence. Billionaires have been spotted this summer. Jeff BezosAnd Bill Gates retreated to Idaho for Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley conference. Bitcoin 2021 was also announced thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to MiamiIn June

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research estimated that conferences — which drive business for hotels, airlines and local restaurants — contributed more than $101 billion to U.S. gross domestic product in 2019. CEIR’s Chief Economist Dr. Allen Shaw projected in September that these gatherings would return to about 75% to 80% of 2019 levels next year — with a full recovery by 2023.

However, that was long before the omicron. now the most dominant strain of Covid in the U.S.Then, he entered the scene. Event organizers have so far expressed mixed opinions about whether gatherings would go ahead next year. The safety and health protocols of the venues and corporate travel policies will determine how many people attend.

The World Economic Forum, which brings together heads of government and business executives from around the world in Davos, Switzerland, had been scheduled for next month, but was postponed until the summer. It stated that the decision came “in the face of continuing uncertainty over the Omicron virus outbreak”.

JPMorgan ChaseThe company has changed course big annual health-care conferenceFollowing Covid fear fears, key members of the group resigned. It originally planned to have it in San Francisco next year. This event is well-known as being one of the most important gatherings of executives from the health care industry and an area of high deal activity. It’s now taking place online.

Protocols for Increasing Covid

However, the National Retail Federation said Tuesday that their “Big Show”, which was to be held at New York City’s Javits Convention Center from January 16-18, is still possible.

NRF, the leading trade association for retail is asking all guests to be fully vaccinated and use masks whenever they are in the building. NRF also advises that attendees test for Covid in their own homes before going to Javits. The organization said they will offer PCR tests in the convention center.

Matt Shay (NRF President and Chief Executive) stated that, “Like everyone at our conference, we closely monitor the external health environment.” “We will keep working with state, local and federal officials of health to make sure we comply with safety regulations and fulfill mandates.

NRF also sent an email to the speakers for Big Show. It stated in a separate email that it would continue as long the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and New York City consider it safe.

NRF stated in an email that “We don’t have any plans to go virtual at the moment, but it would likely be made on a delayed basis due to the complexity of the pivot.” CNBC was able see the email.

Event organizers say that the Consumer Electronics Show remains on schedule to take place in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8.

According to a spokesperson, CES had received many thousand of new registrants over the past week, even though there were concerns about omicrons. CES requires that attendees are fully vaccinated, and must wear masks. This will also reduce capacity while maintaining some social distancing precautions.

According to the spokesperson, “We’re confident that exhibitors and attendees will experience a worthwhile and productive socially-disconnected event.”

However, the major tech companies include Amazon, Meta, TwitterAnd PinterestCovid fear has caused them to cancel their plans to send teams to CES. Others, however, like Google, QualcommAnd General MotorsSay they will still attend to show new products and showcase them.

According to a representative of the Las Vegas Convention Center where CES will be held, there are approximately 45 tradeshows and at least 5,000 people registered at the facility.

“We’re moving in the right direction”

David DuBois, president and CEO of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, said that so long as the adequate safety measures are taken at these conference venues and local mandates are followed, large-scale events should proceed. He said that attendees can decide whether they are comfortable with attending the event.

DuBois said in an interview that the industry had demonstrated safe ways of holding events over the last several months. In the three to four month period, we have witnessed hundreds.”

DuBois stated that, even with omicron in place, the industry should recover.

The conference industry in Orlando really picked up after July. However, it did experience a dip during fall because of the delta variant. Mark Tester is the executive director at the Orange County Convention Center. This is third in North America, after McCormick Place and Las Vegas.

Tester said that conventions’ pace tends to slow down around the holidays. However, Orange County Convention Center so far has not had any cancellations due to January shows. There are financial consequences for cancelling events last-minute. It can also affect the industry’s morale, Tester said.

We haven’t heard of any questions or thought about going virtual. [an]Tester said that this was due to the Omicron variant. Some attendance may be affected by it. … We work closely with all parties to ensure that they follow their protocol.”