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Amy Schneider is the first woman to win $1 million on ‘Jeopardy!’


Amy Schneider was the first woman ever to win $1,000,000 on “Jeopardy! She closed her 28th game on Friday, becoming the first woman ever to earn $1,000,000 in ‘Jeopardy! With $1,019 600 in her game winnings she is now the fifth millionaire in trivia show history. She’s also the only person to have reached that level in one regular season.

Schneider, 42 years old, has now won 21 games and established a new record in the history books for consecutive wins. It surpasses Julia Collins’ 20 victories set in 2014.

It feels both “amazing and strange” to become a millionaire from a game show Schneider said in a statement“It’s not the sum of money that I had hoped would be linked with my name.”

She added, “Being part of the history is something I believe in.” Although the money may not feel real, it is something I am proud to be a part of.

Schneider previously told Yahoo! EntertainmentThat she would appear on “Jeopardy!” Her dream since age 5 was to be on Jeopardy! She was voted “Most Likely To Be on Jeopardy!” by her eighth-grade class. One Day.

Schneider also became the Tournament of Champions’ first openly transgender participant. Schneider said that her Ohio childhood didn’t allow for transgender people to be seen in a positive light. Schneider told her story. ABC News’s San Francisco station KGO-TVI have seen many transgender women recently, such as Kate Freeman who was the first winner of “Jeopardy!” “In December 2020, I was inspired to try to compete in what I love the most.”

Schneider stated, “I’m so grateful.” Schneider said, “Hopefully I’m able to send a positive message too to the transgender girl who would like to be on this show.”

Schneider indicated that her winnings will allow her to indulge in designer clothes and other luxury items.

She’s now focusing on restraining James Holzhauer (the professional sportsbettor who won 32 games in succession and made $2.46million in 2019).

Additional “Jeopardy” regular-season millionaires include Yale PhD student Matt AmodioThe winner was Ken Jennings who, after 38 consecutive wins, won $1.52million in 2021. He also holds the record for host and currently hosts Ken Jennings. Jennings ended his winning streak of 74 games in 2004 with $2.52million.

Brad Rutter is the contestant with almost $5 million in winnings, including tournaments.

A recent New York Times interviewSchneider shared her top advice for others who want to be a part of “Jeopardy!” You can achieve success by being curious and wanting to understand a lot.

Further, she shared her views on being curious about the world. essay for Defector“Knowledge” is both a shield, a sword, joy, and a responsibility. You will become more powerful each day when you are motivated to not only to be knowledgeable but also to understand the world around you.

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