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Texas police responding to hostage situation at Colleyville synagogue


Google Earth View of Beth Israel Temple, Colleyville (Texas)

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Multiple reports claim that a man took hostages at a synagogue in Fort Worth on Saturday.

Colleyville Police Department said on TwitterIt was carrying out SWAT operations in Colleyville (Texas) at Congregation Beth Israel. Both the FBI and Texas Department of Public Safety attended the incident. according to CNN.

According to reports, the synagogue was live streaming its Facebook service when listeners began to hear muffled audio from an alleged hostage taker and negotiators. Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Since then, the video has been removed.

Although the newspaper reported that an angry man could have been heard talking about religion and ranting, the live stream of his conversation did not reveal what was going on inside. According to reports, the man mentioned his sister Islam and claimed that he believed he would die.

The number of people in the building was unclear at this time. CNN reports that there were no reported injuries as of 3:20 PM. ET. Evacuation of residents in immediate areas was ordered.

Colleyville, which is home to approximately 26,000 residents, lies about 16 mi northeast of Fort Worth.