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YouTube head of gaming Ryan Wyatt to resign and join Polygon Studios as CEO -Breaking

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Ryan Wyatt was YouTube’s head of Gaming on Tuesday. He announced that he would be leaving YouTube by February. YouTube Gaming has over 250 million users each day and hundreds of billions in watchtime every year, partly due to Wyatt’s leadership. Wyatt spoke out about his love for Web3 development and blockchain to explain his resignation. Soon, Wyatt will join Polygon Studios to be its CEO.

Polygon Studios manages the gaming and NFTs arms of the name-brand layer-two scaling network. Polygon (MATICThe company plans to invest $100 million in projects that are led by its subsidiary, Studio X. debuted last July. Its goals are to create decentralized gaming and attract blockchain enthusiasts to the NFT tokens ecosystem. Polygon will also be establishing itself as a reliable blockchain in transition to Web3. Wyatt stated that his new job is: