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Thousands wake up without power as winter storm brings ‘bitterly cold temperatures’


In Concord, New Hampshire, on February 4, 2022, this man used a snow blower in order to sweep a path after a severe winter storm.

Joseph Prezioso | AFP | Getty Images

Tens of thousands of Americans woke up Saturday morning without power after major storms battered large swathes of the country. The worst was in the Deep South, but the northeastern tip of the country is also affected.

The National Weather Service tweeted that up to 17 inches of snow fell in New York State, Vermont and Indiana early Saturday.

On Saturday, it issued a separate bulletin warning that temperatures could drop to minus 20 degrees in the region from the Southern Plains to Ohio Valley or Northeast.

According to Tracking site, around 87.444 Tennessee households still had no power on Saturday morning, and almost 56,000 New Yorkers woke up without electricity in New York.

The NWS stated that parts of Michigan, Minnesota and New York were placed under winter warnings through the weekend. It said that things will gradually warm up by Sunday.

Many car crashes occurred as slippery roads developed.

Massachusetts State Police tweets Friday: “Patrols went from one crash to the other,” adding that one person has died.

According to the force, officers had attended at least 200 incidents since Thursday. The force added, “This is a very low number because there are still reports being entered and written.”

New Hampshire State Police reported 72 accidents Friday morning. Maine officials reported at most 10. In Memphis, one accident saw 15 vehicles collide.

Governor of New York According to the Associated Press, Kathy Hochul advised residents to remain home as snowstorms blow out to sea on Friday and Saturday.

Hochul declared, “We’re still not out of the risk zone yet.” “The weather is wildly unpredictable.”

Further south, cleanup from the tornado that struck Tennessee on Thursday continues. Robert Knecht (Mississippi’s public works director) said Thursday that the city had lost 225 trees.

While they may have been in the minority, heavy snowfall was enjoyed by some. Vermont’s snowboarders and skiers were thrilled to be able to report the most perfect conditions for the season.

According to one, they are having a lot of fun and the sauce is flowing.