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You could get paid to sit back and watch Super Bowl LVI — here’s how


You think you are the best at watching football. You could actually get paid over $2,000 for doing just that during Super Bowl LVI – with just one catch.

The Game Day, a sports betting site, is providing a one-day job for one NFL Super Fan. The Super Bowl LVI can be watched from start to finish, as well as the postgame and halftime shows. Each correct answer will bring the company money.

While the Game Day isn’t revealing the specific questions, it says that applicants must be avid football fans with the ability to “recall iconic moments” in the game’s history. They also need “strong attention to detail and the ability to track and analyze every Super Bowl event.”

This means that you will likely need to be glued to your TV in order to answer questions regarding the game. For each answer, there will be 15 questions.

There is no risk that the selected candidate will lose money. That’s a rare proposition for a casino company.

Fill out the form if you believe you have what it takes to be a good fit for this job. this online application formApply. To apply, you will need to answer prompts such as predicting Super Bowl LVI’s score, writing about your favourite NFL player, or convincingly stating why the job is right for you.

For eligibility, applicants must have attained 21 years of age and be either a U.S. citizen (or permanent resident)

Application deadline February 9th at 11:59 pm ET. The Game Day will select the fan and contact them via email on February 10.

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