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Remote jobs are up by 12%—here’s what people are hiring for


The time is now to be a part of the best times ever find a remote jobIt is now. FlexJobs, an online membership site for job seekers with 57,000 businesses in its database, reported that remote opportunities increased by 12 percent between 2020 and 2021.

Telework is a great way to do remote work in customer service and sales marketing. Companies are increasing their work-fromhome policies. adopt permanent onesThey are also seeing how remote workers can succeed.

Brie Reynolds, FlexJobs career service manager, states that remote job listings have seen the greatest increase for recruitment and HR positions. Hiring HR professionals who are able to recruit other employees is a critical need during the record-breaking turnover in this industry. Great Resignation.

Employing remote employees in HR can allow companies to hire more quickly, expand their applicant pool and can indicate their commitment to the future of remote work. Remote HR partners can provide a better understanding of the requirements of remote workers than any other partner.).

Accounting and finance is the second most popular field to list on FlexJobs. Reynolds said that this shows businesses will need people who can handle changing budgets and manage pressure in an economy recovering from a pandemic. Businesses are being forced to offer this service. more money to hire and maintain employees — all while keeping pace with rising consumer demand for goods and services.

Not all remote job opportunities today are in senior positions. FlexJobs Database shows that only 11% remote jobs require entry-level skills, while 60% of them need mid-level work experience. 20% call for managers, and 9% for senior-level leaders.

Reynolds states that businesses are constantly changing and hiring people who can predict the future and plan accordingly.

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