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How much Americans are planning to spend on Valentine’s Day


Although you cannot put a value on true love you might wonder about what others will be spending on Valentine’s Day.

A couple of surveys have shown that Americans will spend approximately $175-$210 on the holiday, in line with a range. There are many ways to get involved. Lending Tree surveyWhile the average expenditure is $208, a National Retail Federation (NFA) surveyThis suggests that the total will likely be close to $175

Spending is at its highest for couples that are together less than two years. LendingTree reports that spending falls closer to $175 for couples that are married longer than 2 years.

Matt Schulz (chief credit analyst, LendingTree) says that people tend to be more successful when they are in the initial stages of a relationship. 

However, this doesn’t mean people will spend less in the future. Schulz says that some may be more pragmatic and choose to save money for things they love as a couple.

This would also explain why couples that are engaged plan to spend $322 this year — $100 more than what married couples plan to spend.

LendingTree shows how spending is broken down according to generation.

  • Generation Z (18-25 years old): $164
  • Millennials (ages From 26 to 41: $294
  • Ages of Gen X From 42 to 56: $182
  • The Baby Boomers, ages 57-76: $122

Valentine’s Day: What are people buying?