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Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 specs, price and released date announced


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


SamsungGalaxy Unpacked Wednesday launched new tablets and smartphones at the event. This was in an effort to compete with other products. Apple.

Three new Galaxy S22 smartphones are available from the company: the S22 standard, the S22+ and S22 Ultra.

The S22, which has a 6.1 inch display, is the smallest pack. S22+ boasts a 6.6 inch screen. S22 Ultra, on the other hand, has a 6.8-inch display.

These two models can be connected to superfast 5G networks. Samsung also stated that all three devices support Wi-Fi 6, the next-generation of Wi-Fi. 

Every phone comes standard with an aluminum frame, and chemically enhanced back and front glass.

S22+ and S22+ will come in white, pink and black as well as green. Each of these colors is available in the S22 Ultra, along with burgundy.

Samsung’s S22- and S22+ models have three lens cameras. The S22+ and S22+ include a 12-megapixel ultra wide camera as well as a 50 megapixel main lens, and a 10MP Telephoto Sensor. S22 Ultra has a 108MP main cam and two 10MP Telephoto lenses to allow for advanced zooming.

Samsung boasted that the company uses artificial intelligence to make it easier for users to scroll and improve their photography. It also stated that the company’s AI algorithms are able to analyze and optimize users’ internet usage.

Galaxy S8 Tab

Samsung will also release three new Android tablets: The Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ & S8 Ultra.

Samsung has three new tablets in the works: The Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ & S8 Ultra.


Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra boasts a massive 14.6-inch display. The tablet weighs in at half the weight of similar-sized laptops, Samsung claims. S8+ and S8+ come with 11-inch and 12.4 inch displays.

Company emphasized the high quality video recording capability of its most expensive model. S8 Ultra features a 12-megapixel dual-lens front camera that records at 120 degrees. Samsung claimed that the device’s microphone can pick up sounds in three directions. This will allow for less background noise when making video calls.

Samsung showcased a number of productivity and multitasking tools, including the one that allows users to share and sync files across multiple devices. Samsung hopes that its tablet line will attract Apple customers away from the iPad.

Samsung’s latest smartphones and tablets are equipped with 4-nanometer chips, which will improve power efficiency and performance.

Apple: Take it on

Samsung’s newest devices will be unveiled months after Apple. launched the iPhone 13. Samsung offers mostly incremental updates to its S22 range of products, similar to Apple. These include a new camera and brighter screens.

Samsung has not created new phones to excite people with foldable screens or flashy design features. It’s instead trying to lure those who aren’t inclined to upgrade their smartphones in the recent past, with features that can be found with current handsets.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is expected to attend Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress this month. This means that there may be more technology to reveal soon.

The camera module is a key feature of the S22 Ultra, which makes it a significant improvement over its predecessor. The Galaxy S21 Ultra featured a large bump at the back to house the camera. Its successor removes this and embeds it directly in the device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Samsung’s S22 Ultra was designed for professionals who love to explore all of the features that smartphones have to offer.

This year, Galaxy S21 UltraSamsung’s Galaxy S flagship phone was the first to feature its S Pen stylus. This previously existed only on its Galaxy Note phones. It has also done it with the S22 Ultra in this year’s Galaxy S range, which suggests that the company is a more sophisticated manufacturer. consolidating the Note seriesEnter the Galaxy S Brand

According to IDC data, Samsung holds a share of 20% in the global smartphone market. Due to U.S. sanctions on Huawei in recent years, Samsung has seen a significant increase in smartphone sales.

Samsung faces stiff competition from Oppo and Xiaomi, two other Chinese smartphone makers. Although these companies sell Android phones at a lower price, they often offer premium specifications related to camera and screen.

Samsung’s mobile division is also suffering from global semiconductor shortages. The firm reportedlyIt shipped 25 million Galaxy S21 units in 2021. This is almost unchanged from last year’s S20 series sales.