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Supremacy Offers a Sustainable Edge to Play-to-Earn Economy -Breaking


Supremacy offers a sustainable edge to the Play-to-Earn economy

On February 22, Supremacy launches, a metaverse gaming platform that gives gamers a greater share of the metaverse pie. Supremacy introduces a circular economy to ensure gaming tokens’ value for the long-term. The benefits of economic simulation in games are available to players with both watch-to earn and play-to earn opportunities. With the help of the blockchain technology, Supremacy has pushed the boundaries in how games can interconnect with the real world.

Who’s behind Supremacy?
Ninja Syndicate is an Australian game- and metaverse development studio that created Supremacy. John Nguyen, Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen founded the company. Together they have assembled an elite team of Web3 lovers and developers who will bring Supremacy into reality. The Ninja team had spent many years creating, building and deploying high-tech platforms for businesses, such as data management and blockchain projects.

Supremacy plans to raise $17 Million through the presale public of its SUPS utility token. Gamers can convert in-game assets to NFTs to get their shares of the global $50 billion gaming market. This allows them to purchase and consume content as well as buy games. Alex Dunmow, CEO of Ninja Syndicate, says the company’s focus is to improve people’s lives through the power of technology.

“Whether it’s your favorite or not, the Metaverse we all know will one day be home to everyone. It will also be the place where new nations and new economies are created.
Dunmow says

“We’re aiming to be trailblazers in this space, giving players the unique opportunity to create real value for each other with their creative skills and gaming ability.”
“Supremacy will not only be a fun way to spend your time, but will also be an extension of your home, your work and your life.”
He continues.

Support from early members of the crypto community
MatiGreenspan was a keen early fan of the Ninja Syndicate mission. Quantum Economics CEO, Founder and CEO has just announced a partnership agreement with the gaming platform.

“This is not just play-to-earn, it’s watch-to-earn, meaning that users will be able to earn money just by watching the war machines fight each other,”
Greenspan says.

“Similar to The Hunger Games, spectators will belong to factions and teams, and they will have the ability to airdrop goodies into the game.”
What exactly is Supremacy?
The metaverse is enabled to play a variety of battle games, including Supremacy. It was set in 2149 on Earth. The game platform consists of several games that replicate different aspects of the metaverse. You can play in live battles, watch and strategize. These games are designed to appeal to everyone, whether you’re a spreadsheet geek, strategy mastermind, role-playing gamer, or a generalist in gaming.

The Supremacy platform for gaming focuses on four areas.

• Action – combat, resource management, player management and traditional game mechanics

• Economy – near-realistic economic simulation

• Entertainment – spectator-voting mechanisms

• Utility – play and earn systems

Two in-game trading platforms manage economic activity in Supremacy’s metaverse. One allows players to trade resources and the other lets them purchase NFTs. Each exchange uses Supremacy currency. The utility token SUPS is the key to both. NFTs, which are used in Supremacy, can be minted on the (ETH), blockchain and sold on decentralised NFT platforms like OpenSea. NFTs may also be traded for SUPS on their in-game NFT Exchange.

The Supremacy Economy
Supremacy offers players a unique economic opportunity that mimics decentralized market economies. Unlike the usual ‘mint and burn’ model of token supply, and high inflation token rewards; SUPS benefits from a circular flow model. Gameplay is based primarily on algorithms. That means the Supremacy metaverse functions as a healthy economy that’s continuously monitoring several economic indicators and adjusting, where necessary, to control economic factors like current token supply, price inflation, and the supply and demand of resources, goods, and services.

Pre-sale of public tokens
Ninja Syndicate has announced to the Australian cryptocommunity the launch of Supremacy’s gaming platform. Battle Arena, which is the first game within the Supremacy universe, will be the start of global rollout.

Public sale of SUPS utility tokens will start on February 22, 2022. This is the same day as the global launch. Only Battle Arena players will be eligible for the offer.

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