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Investors Back Play-To-Earn Powerhouse Salad Ventures With $13.5M Pledge -Breaking


Fundraisers Back Salad Ventures Play-To Earn Powerhouse Salad Ventures with $13.5M

Salad Ventures is a Blockchain-focused think tank. After the closing of a private sales round, investors gave the project their full endorsement.

An array of high-profile firms – Alameda Research, Alan Howard and BH Digital, C2 Ventures, Foundation Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Winklevoss Capital, Crossbeam Venture Partners, Rarestone Capital, and Polygon Studios among others – wrote checks to finance the venture, with a total of $13.5 million raised. This capital will be used to improve the platform, which allows users to manage, scale-up and create a play to earn gaming guild using any blockchain-based release.

Salad Ventures is no stranger to gamefi, of course: it manages one of the world’s best-known guilds, Apollo Squad, an entity largely devoted to the ecosystem.

Guild Gaming Gold Rush

The popularity of guild-based gaming is increasing rapidly over the past year. Members team up with each other to accomplish quests, trade and source in-game items such as clothing or skins, and participate in tournaments. Of course, these community-based alliances predate the gamefi world – they were a major part of the success of MORPGs such as World of Warcraft in the mid 2000s.

Due to the large number of active guilds within the space, transaction volume has risen as more players engage in in-game activities. Axie Infinity’s volume has risen to $590.7 Million in the past 30 days, with Bomb Crypto registering $131.9million, according Dapp Radar.

Numerous companies have been working hard to create the infrastructure needed for guilds that are growing all over the globe. Salad Ventures is one such example: GuildOS claims to be the only web-based tool that allows individuals to manage scholar accounts, Web3 wallets and private keys, as well as participate in activities such as “breeding” or “cloning” from a single dashboard across multiple titles.

The platform will release special NFTs that can be used to open the gateway to GuildOS, which is scheduled for launch in the first half 2022.

Salad Ventures’ Co-Founder Felix Sim referenced the industry’s runaway success story, Axie Infinity, while reflecting on the raise: “Despite the fact that a deep ecosystem has developed over the last 12 months, most play-to-earn game tools are focused solely on Axie Infinity and provide ‘read-only’ dashboards, therefore not solving the real challenges related to operating a P2E guild.

Salad Ventures has taken on this challenge head-on. Our goal is to decentralize the gaming guild model, and create a guild operating software that interfaces directly with game blockchains and APIs. Game managers can coordinate multiple scholars accounts in different blockchain games.

Schooling Gamefi’s Next Gen

Although the majority of the money will be spent on GuildOS refinement, some capital will be dedicated to scaling Salad Academy. This is an online learning platform specifically designed for P2E gamers who are looking to increase their skills. Over 6000 students have already signed up, even though the platform was only launched December 20,21.

The success of Salad Ventures’ latest raise should come as no surprise: institutional capital has been flooding into the gamefi sector, as investors grasp the potential upside of such a fast-moving scene. During Q3 of 2021, investments in gamefi projects surpassed $1 billion – double the figure of the previous six months. One landmark pledge that pushed the sum beyond the symbolic billion mark was Tron Foundation’s $300m Tron Arcade fund, which will support gamefi startups over the next three years.

If the industry continues on its current trajectory, guild management will be big business – and Salad Ventures’ GuildOS could be a godsend for gamefi’s hardcore players.

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