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Bitcoin and ether rise as Ukraine-Russia tensions appear to ease


One young lady walks by a Bitcoin symbol that is displayed in the windows of a company offering blockchain applications services.

Sean Gallup | Getty Images News | Getty Images

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine eased, cryptocurrencies rose Tuesday.

BitcoinWhile the stock market climbed to more than 4%, it remained at $44,301.94. etherAt 8:13, it rose to $3118.63 by more than 7.7% ET according to Coin Metrics. On Tuesday, almost the whole crypto market was much higher.

These upward movements follow a Moscow announcement that the Russian Defense Ministry had been created begun returning some troopsTo deploy bases following training exercises at the Ukraine border.

Bitcoin trades briskly on Monday, as stocks closed the day lower after the tension appeared to have escalated. As its institutional investor base grows, the cryptocurrency trades like traditional risk assets over several months.

But bitcoin is also available. long regarded as a safe havenAsset that will ideally keep its value during times of instability