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Rodent infestation leads to recalls at more than 400 Family Dollar stores


On December 11, 2018, a woman walks past a Family Dollar in Brooklyn, New York City.

Spencer Platt | Getty Images

Family Dollar discount store is recalling products it shipped to over 400 South stores after a U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspection revealed a rodent infestation at a Arkansas distribution centre.

Family Dollar also closed the affected 404 locations on Saturday in addition to the recall. According to the New York Times. CNBC reached out to a spokesperson but she did not respond immediately.

In a Friday release, the FDA stated that they recently visited West Memphis, Arkansas after receiving a complaint from a customer. The FDA stated that regulators discovered live and dead rodents in “various states of decay”. It was also reported that they found rodent feces, urine, rodent nesting evidence, rodent odors throughout facilities, dead birds and droppings, products not protecting against contamination, and even proof of rodent breeding.

The agency stated that more than 1,100 rodents had been found after a fumigation of the facility in January 2022. It also stated that regulators discovered what looked like a “history of infestation.” An internal review revealed more than 2,300 rodents were collected by the company between March and September 2013.

Family Dollar Distribution Facility contained unacceptable conditions. No one should have to be exposed to these products. These conditions are clearly violations of federal law and could potentially pose a threat to family health,” said Judith McMeekin (Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Relations). The FDA stated that rodent contamination could cause salmonella or other diseases. Family Dollar stated that it wasn’t aware of any illnesses related to this recall.

Family Dollar said in a releaseFriday recall includes all drug, cosmetic, and dietary supplement products. It also covers human and animal food products.

From Jan. 1st of the year, this alert includes purchases at Family Dollar stores across six states. The recall does not apply to products shipped by distributors or manufacturers directly to stores. Also, recalls do not apply to products shipped directly from the manufacturer or distributor to the store.

Family Dollar has sent a letter to all affected stores asking them to immediately check their stocks and quarantine any product. Family Dollar said that customers who may have purchased affected products may return them to their store without receipts.

A full list of the affected locations can be found here.