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Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, other streaming services: Subs, ARPU, Q4 2021


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When streaming services are concerned, companies often don’t communicate as much as they say.

It is an excellent rule to follow: the more details a company gives about its customers, the better it can stream. NetflixIt has been an innovator in statistical clarity and provides ARPU numbers as well as subscriber numbers for many areas of the country. DisneyThis is yet another outstanding standout. However, both don’t disclose how many subscribers come from pure signups.

Paramount Global, formerly ViacomCBS, has finally released details about its streaming services. This includes the average revenue per user of $9/month and how many Paramount+ subscribers it has (more than 32,000,000). Paramount gained 9.4 million global streaming subscribers during the quarter and 10,000,000 Pluto TV users. These are strong numbers that may indicate a company’s longer-term viability than many people thought.

NBCUniversalPeacock provided more detail this quarter with ARPU close to $10. Peacock revealed that 9 million subscribers pay for the service, which is recognition that it is behind its paid competitors. CNBCUniversal, the parent company to CNBC.

AppleApple TV+ has yet to tell investors how many are paying or watching it, an indication that the service has not seen much success in the streaming space.

Following the fourth quarter earnings report, the following update shows where streaming service providers stand.



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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Studios released the first image of the untitled series “Lord of the Rings”, which will be available on the streaming platform Sept. 2, 2022.

Amazon Studios

Apple TV+

  • A showbiz union that represents behind-the scenes workers claimed in September that Apple had less than 20,000,000 Apple TV+ subscribers in Canada and the U.S. as of July 1. Apple TV+ subscribers were not updated this quarter by Apple.
  • Apple TV+ ARPU has not been calculated by Apple

Apple‘s strongest growth product category this quarter aside from iPhones was in its services business, which includes video subscription services. Apple’s services revenue grew by 26% per year, which was higher than what the company had expected. Apple TV+ has not yet released subscriber figures or ARPU numbers.

Ted Lasso is on Apple TV+

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NBCUniversal’s Peacock

Peacock is on pace to top the company’s initial projections of 30 million to 35 million monthly active users by 2024. While Disney has increased its initial projections of 60m to 90m subscribers, NBCUniversal still estimates that it will increase its estimate to 230m to 260m.

Peacock could have a great quarter in 2022, as it aired The Super Bowl along with the Winter Olympics.


  • There are more than 56 million worldwide streaming subscribers. 32.8 Million of these global subscribers are Paramount+.
  • Paramount+ ARPU approximately $9
  • Pluto TV: 64.4 Million Monthly Active Users (up 10,000,000 from the last quarter).
  • Pluto TV 2021 global ARPU $1.64, U.S.ARPU $2.54

Newly named Paramount GlobalViacomCBS (formerly ViacomCBS), added 9.4 million worldwide streaming subscribers to its fourth quarter. This is more than 56,000,000. Paramount+ subscription numbers were released by the company along with ARPU and Paramount+ figures.

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Source: Viacom | Wikipedia


WarnerMedia HBO Max, HBO Max

  • Global subscribers now at 73.8 Million, an increase of approximately 4.4 Mil from the last quarter.
  • 46.8 millions domestic subscribers, up about 1.6 million compared to the previous quarter
  • Domestic ARPU was $11.15, down about $0.67 from the last quarter

AT&TAccording to HBO Max, last year HBO Max had between 120 million and 150 million subscribers by 2025It includes its advertisement-based video on Demand subscribers that pay only $9.99 (in comparison to $14.99 with ads). AT&T is in the process of merging WarnerMedia, which owns HBO Max, with Discovery Communications. This deal is expected to close as soon as April.

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  • 22 million direct-to-consumer subscribers (up 2 million)
  • ARPU: About $7 last quarter. ($4.99 monthly, including ads; $6.99 month without advertisements)

DiscoveryIt added 2 million subscribers to the fourth quarter, as it waited for WarnerMedia’s merger. CEO David Zaslav suggested to CNBC in recent weeksThe benefit of merging Discovery Media and WarnerMedia is the ability to highlight the strengths of each company’s content. This means that he will either offer discounted Discovery+ or combined products of the two streaming services at closing.

AMC Networks

  • With more than 9,000,000 total paid streaming subscribers, 2021 ended
  • ARPU: ? ARPU:? (Plans starting at $6.99 a month

AMC Networks launched a premium AMC+ subscription bundle in Canada and Australia on Apple TV channels and Amazon Prime Video Channels. Matt Blank, Interim CEO, reiterated that the company would have 20 to 25 million or more streaming subscribers by the year 2025. Blank said in a statement that “2022 will be the biggest year for original content in our history, including the highly-anticipated returns of ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Killing Eve.'”

Bob Odenkirk is Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman), a lawyer, and an ex-scam artist from “Better Call Saul.”