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Amazon closing 68 stores, ending Amazon Books, 4-star, Pop Up shops


New York City’s Amazon Books opened to the public on May 25, 2017.

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AmazonAmazon Books, its Amazon 4-star, and Amazon Pop Up physical bookstores will all be closed. These stores sold an assortment of electronic and other items.

Amazon announced that the closures will affect 68 stores in the U.S.A and U.K. Amazon said that closure dates vary depending on where they are located and will assist affected workers in finding other roles within the company. Amazon announced that employees who choose to leave the company are entitled to severance.

The first news about the closures of stores was reported by Reuters.

Amazon slowly launched a range of brick and mortar stores, ranging from supermarkets to shops selling Amazon-branded electronics such as Fire tablets or Echo smart speakers. The Amazon 4-star stores aimed to integrate its in-store and online operations, by offering top-selling products on Amazon’s web site.

Amazon has physical shops, however has noticeably laggedIn recent years, its retail business overall has seen a decline. Sales in physical stores, including Whole Foods and Fresh, were less than 2018 in 2021.

After experiencing its lowest quarterly growth since 2001, Amazon has been reducing its physical retail presence. Amazon shares fell more than 8% this year. the worst performer in the Big Tech groupLast year.

Amazon spokesperson stated that they “remain committed” to creating long-term, physical retail concepts and technologies. Amazon is continuing to open new retail stores, they said. recently launched Style storesThe company’s first attempt at physical clothing stores is by. The company stated it will continue to concentrate on its Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market and Amazon Go grocery chains as well as the Just Walk Out cashierless technology.

Amazon also offers other innovative retail technologies, such as Amazon One which allows users to scan their palms and pay for products, or Dash Carts that allows shoppers to check out with an electronic shopping cart without the need of a cashier.

Dilip Kumar is the current “shadow” for Amazon’s physical store unit.

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