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Google tells employees to return to offices in April


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GoogleIt will be ending the voluntary work from home period, and employees who live in the Bay Area or other U.S. areas will return to the office beginning the week of April 4. 

John Casey from Google, the vice president for global benefits and executive director of Google Cloud said in an email that he sent to his employees. CNBC viewed it. The advances in preventive and treatment methods, the steadily declining cases we continue to see, as well as the increased safety measures implemented at all of our Bay Area site now allow us to officially start the transition to hybrid working week.

Casey indicated that offices elsewhere in the U.S. will start to return depending on local conditions.

Google has released its latest guidance a week following CNBC reportedIn preparation for the return, some Covid-19 mandates had been relaxed by the company. Since its last official return, the company hadn’t set a new date. pushed off its Jan. 10 deadline amid the omicron surge.

Google claimed that most workers will be expected to visit the office at least three times per week, and then have remote work two days each.

Casey’s note was included in the previous reportedGuidance includes the removal of the mandate to test fully-vaccinated employees and the elimination of the mandate for testing them. Also, the reopening and maintenance and repair of facilities like restaurants and cafes. All employees who are allowed to enter physical workspaces need to be either fully vaccinated, or must have approved accommodation.

Casey said that they will try new working methods and would “gather insight, data and feedback” along the way.

The company intends to help people “transition to their new routines, and aim to make them fully functional in our hybrid approach to work,” he stated. To assist with returning to work, the benefits team has begun piloting virtual 15-minute drop-in sessions with counselors.

Casey explained that almost 14,000 of the company’s 156.500 employees have relocated or been moved to work remotely. Casey also said that 85% have been granted. Additional time can be requested by employees who are unable to work from home. 

Google employees are able to work more from home if they wish, while some positions may require that they be present for more than three consecutive days “due the nature of their job,” he said.