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How enterprises are embracing Web3 structures -Breaking


Now that the initial hype surrounding blockchain applications and the prolonged blockchain “winter” that followed are left behind, we now find ourselves in the middle of a “spring” that is helping organizations reimagine how they deliver value. The global economy is set to grow by $1.76 trillion through blockchain technology by 2030. AccordingPWC.

This increase is expected to include business-tobusiness (B2B), which are likely to benefit from blockchain-based transaction and relationship security. With processes that involve multiple partners, dozens (if not hundreds) of products and cumbersome bureaucracy for almost any business process, it’s hard to overstate how much enterprises stand to gain, especially when considering the emergence of more agile competitors.

Ruth Levi LotanClearX’s vice president for sales and marketing is she. ClearX’s vice president of sales and marketing is her passion for partnerships. She has more than five years experience in strategic consulting and business intelligence, as well as working with top companies with global reach. She has over three years of experience in impact investing and financing, including work with institutions investors. Ruth was also involved in the work around Israel’s first Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), a mechanism for unique cooperation between sectors that don’t typically align.