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What’s next for blockchain and the creator economy -Breaking


The world welcomes the return to in-person theatre, movie, comedy and music after two years of COVID-19 restrictions. This has left some wondering what will happen to the legions of digital creatives who occupied and entertained us while normal life was at a standstill — and to the multibillion-dollar economy they inhabit.

Are the public going to forget about the music and the artist they found during the pandemic, now that festivals, fashion events and concerts are available again? Recent estimates indicate that the creator economy will continue to grow. ExceedThis year’s $100 billion is strong enough to resist a stampede to real-life experience?

Doug PetkanicsLivepeer was founded by Doug, who is currently working with the Livepeer team to build a live streaming platform for video streaming. Doug is also the co-founder of Wildcard (a mobile browser) and was CEO prior to Livepeer. Hyperpublic was also founded by him, and it was later acquired by Groupon (NASDAQ). At both, he was the VP Engineering.