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Lululemon footwear marks new product to take on Nike, Adidas


Calvin McDonald, Lululemon’s CEO, stated that shoes were the next natural step in the evolution of the manufacturer of leggings.

Source: Lululemon

LululemonIt is now attempting to enter footwear. NikeAdidas.

Blissfeel is the company’s first ever running shoe designed for women. It will be made available in selected markets throughout North America, Mainland China, and the United Kingdom starting March 22. These running shoes retail at $148

Lululemon officially launches the sneakers category with the launch. having only previously sold a small collection of shoes from Athletic Propulsion Labs. For both men and women, the shoe business could provide another avenue of growth as the company tries to outdo its bigger competitors.

As more people take up running and opt for comfortable footwear while at work, the sales of sneakers have soared. With giants Nike and other competitors, it’s a very competitive category. On RunningYou can also find niche brands like AllbirdsThis is also a good option for a running shoe.

Lululemon announced that the company plans to introduce a men’s collection of footwear next year. It will then expand its range for women by offering special-edition shoes as well as seasonal sneakers.

Lululemon announced that it would launch two kinds of cross-training shoes for women this summer. These will be priced at $138 & $148 respectively. The slide-on sneakers are meant to be worn after a workout and cost $58, while the $128 training sneaker has a supportive midsole.

Lululemon is launching its first running shoe this year, along with other options for women. The men’s shoes collection will follow in 2023.

Source: Lululemon

Lululemon Chief Executive Calvin McDonald and Lululemon have finally achieved their long-awaited goals with the launch.

In 2019, McDonald’s was still open, but before the outbreak of coronaviruses. said the company saw a whitespace in the shoe market. Lululemon might eventually sell its own shoes, he said. This would be in continuation of the APL success.

McDonald’s Tuesday statement stated that McDonald’s was looking to expand into the footwear industry.

He said, “It’s an exciting time for our brand.” “We are entering the footwear category the same way we built our apparel business — with products designed to solve unmet needs, made for women first.”

The United States saw a 17% increase in athletic shoes sales when compared to the 2020 level, according NPD Group.

According to NPD’s sports analyst Matt Powell, the top brands of sneakers for women are Nike, Skechers Adidas, Brooks, New Balance and Skechers. Powell indicated that Powell expects the sales of women’s footwear to grow by a single-digit percentage, following last year’s gains. However, the industry faces greater challenges in the first half than the second half of 2022.

Powell explained that another round in government stimulus funds pushed consumer spending to the forefront of last year’s economic recovery. Many shoppers chose to buy a brand new pair of shoes.

Lululemon’s revenue for the year ended January 31, 2021 was $4.4 billion, up from $3.98 million a previous year. The stock has fallen more than 20% in the past year.

Nike, on the other hand, made $44.5 Billion in sales during its fiscal year ending May 31, an increase of 19% over prior-year figures. Adidas has not yet reported its 2020 results. For the 12-months ended December 31, 2020, its revenue was 19.8 Billion Euros, approximately $21.6 Billion.