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How Americans can cut costs and save amid the pain of record inflation


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According to government data, inflation has brokenAnother record of 40 years plus.

Janet Yellen (Treasury Secretary) predicted higher prices for the remainder this year.

“We expect to continue seeing another year where 12-month inflation remains uncomfortably high,” Yellen. told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Thursday.

The Consumer Price Index data shows that inflation rose by 7.9% over last year in February, the highest increase since 1982.

Now, all hopes that inflation will be short-term have gone.

Recent surveys show that Americans definitely feel the pinch. LendingClub’s poll found that the majority of Americans feel the pinch. 64% of AmericansAt the beginning 2022, people are more likely to live from paycheck to paycheck than 61% did in December.

Experts say that you still have options to increase your income.

Think about where your money is kept.

Keep your money invested in equity

Mark Hebner is the president of Equity Investors and the founder. Index Fund AdvisorsIrvine-based fee-only wealth management and advisory firm,.’s 72nd place. FA 100 list for 2021.

This is because stocks have an excellent track record. He stated that over more than 90 year, equity returns have been higher than inflation.

Hebner explained that it is important to create an all-weather portfolio to suit all market conditions, and to then rebalance as needed. In other words: Don’t let scary headlines distract you from your goal and cause you to take rash trades.

Reduce your spending

On February 17, 2022, a shopper leaves a shop in a mall in Bethesda.

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Negotiate your debts

A second way to reduce rising prices, is to lower your costs. Carl Zuckerberg (founding principal, chief investment strategist) said that this was also a good option. RZH AdvisorsIndependent wealth management company in Stamford (Connecticut) that was ranked No., 46 FA 100 list for 2021.

Refinance existing debts or get rid of them. Zuckerberg advises clients to refinance at fixed rates of 15- or 30-years for their mortgages.

Pay attention to extended 0% rates of interest when purchasing new goods.

Zuckerberg explained that if you believe inflation will be high it is because every dollar in the world is worth less.

He said, “If you have future dollars that can be used to pay for your purchase, it’s an advantage in an inflationary climate.”