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Valkyrie Investments‘ Leah Wald on Bitcoin ETFs and the future of digital assets -Breaking


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Cointelegraph spoke with Leah Wald (CEO of Valkyrie Investments), to discuss the value of an investment in digital assets.BTCExchange-traded Fund (ETF), and Future of Digital Assets

Valkyrie Investments launched its Bitcoin Strategy ETF in October 2021. It is also one of three asset managers that has Bitcoin-adjacent ETFs on the Nasdaq. Valkyrie Investments launched the Bitcoin Strategy ETF on October 20, 2021. BTC exposure offered in indirect waysCash-settled futures contract after approval from the United States Securities and Exchanges (SEC) Similar ETFs from ProShares. Valkyrie has an ETF for balance sheet options that you can also purchase Make an investmentIn public companies that have Bitcoin exposure. The Additionally, investment firm’s Bitcoin Miners ETFOn February 8, 2022 the Nasdaq began trading under the ticker “WGMI”.