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Why companies spend millions on crash test dummies


While a buyer of a vehicle may not be able to see crash test dolls, it is incredibly important for automotive safety.

These new crash test dummies can retail for up to $1,000,000 and are packed with sensor and tech upgrades. Many dummies can be purchased by major automakers or suppliers. The new dummies can also be made more biofidelic to reflect the exact shape and features the human body.

Humanetics is the leading manufacturer of crash test dummies worldwide. They have taken special care to make the latest female dummy closer to women’s bodies. This is the Hybrid III 5F female dummy. It’s essentially an altered version of the Hybrid III male Hybrid III, which has the same weight and proportions.

Frontal impact dummies of the latest generation have more sensors and onboard computers. They also feature designs to be lighter than today’s heavier people. Average Americans have gained just a couple of pounds in the past few decades since the introduction of the first generation.

Some vehicle testing organizations around the world and automakers have adopted the latest dummies. But some, like the U.S. government, are still not using them.

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