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Russia’s military hit by high-ranking losses in Ukraine -Breaking


© Reuters. A memorial service and funeral for Andrei Paliy (Russia’s Black Sea Fleet deputy Commander), will be held by Sailors. He was shot to death in Mariupol in eastern Ukraine on March 20. REUTERS/Alexey Pa


(Reuters) – Russia hosted a funeral for its deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet in annexed Crimea Wednesday. This was the latest of what Ukraine claims is a series of high-ranking Russian military deaths since Moscow invaded the country on February 24.

Mykhailo Podolyak was the Ukrainian presidential adviser. He named six Russian generals, along with dozens other officers and colonels who he believed had been murdered in Ukraine.

Russia’s Defence Ministry didn’t confirm the casualties. The Russian Defence Ministry has not revalorized its troop casualties in the past week, which was March 2. It stated that 498 of its soldiers were dead on March 2. Ukraine estimates that the number is 15600.

Reuters couldn’t independently verify the majority of Ukraine’s claims. But, some are confirmed by Russian sources.

In a statement published on its website, the local Russian government confirmed that Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky died on February 28. According to the statement, he was a veteran of Syria, North Caucasus and Abkhazia.

Many gathered in Sevastopol, Crimea, to pay their respects to Andrei Paliy (a first-rank captain and deputy commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet).

Konrad Muzyka from the Rochan consulting firm in Poland said that while the Ukrainian estimations of Russian high-ranking casualties was plausible, it was difficult to verify the figures and likely much lower.

He said, “Even though we’re talking about two generals that’s still a huge deal.” “We are not just talking about generals. But we also have to mention colonels that hold high positions in the organization.

According to him, such casualties indicated that Russia did not have an accurate understanding of Ukrainian artillery position and Ukraine was able to pinpoint the locations of high-ranking Russian officers via mobile phones signals.


Reuters was told by a senior diplomat from Moscow that the most important thing to me is the heavy reported casualties at the colonel and higher, which is the backbone, and not the generals, of the Russian Army.

According to the diplomat, Russia’s army is highly centralised, hierarchical and devoid of empowered Western-style junior officers. The source said, “There are too much colonels and too few corporals.” The source explained that tasks that need to be solved, but which would have been resolved in the West at much lower levels of the chain, are now being passed up the decision-making ladder.”

According to diplomats, the hierarchical structure at the front drew top officers to it to solve problems and revitalise efforts. This made them more vulnerable to attacks.

The diplomat referred to unmanned drones, saying that centralisation of command, control and lack of dispersal puts them in a location where they can easily be picked up by Ukrainian UAVs.

Russia’s incursion in Ukraine killed thousands, forced nearly 10 million people to flee and raised suspicions of an even wider conflict between Russia and America.

Russia claims that the United States used Ukraine as a threat to Russia to launch a “special military operation”. Moscow was required to protect against “genocide of Russian speakers” by Ukraine. These claims were denied by Ukraine.